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In the story Beowulf by Norton, the book starts right off by talking about a king. This was not an ordinary king but was a king that ruled with strength and power. In the book it describes how he dies and his son Hrothgar takes over his position. The book goes in to explain how he had built a great hall so that all the Soldiers can gather and drink and sing. The reason why he had built this wall so that this great hall can be admired by not only his people but the world as well.

The book then leads into talking about how there is a demon by the name of Grendel who was not only tormenting the kings people buy killing them as well. Hrothgar’s warriors were powerless against him.

The following night, Grendel struck again, and he has continued to mess and destroy the Danes for twelve years. This then leads Beowolf on his journey in which this book discussed.

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2. In the story Beowulf by Norton, Beowulf is a symbol of a hero, a guardian angel at that. The epic tale goes on to expresses the torment and torture that king Hrothgar and his people are experiencig over the last 12 years. By this man eating demons by the name of Grendel. The king Hrothgar was once a great warrior and was able to protect his people, however age has taken a toll over him. Fortunately, for the king a warrior by the name of Beowulf travels to Heorot hall from his land to overseas to give king Hrothgar a helping hand.

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The reason Beowulf wants to help is because Hrothgar had once before helped out his own father. However, the king did not personally do Beowulf an actual favor; it was out of the kindness of his heart that he wanted to help the king and his people. ‘ And so, my request, O king of Bright- danes , dear prince of the shieldings , my friend of the people is that you won’t refuse me…’ ( Beowulf pg.852). It was his mission to make sure that people in that town were at no harm for once and for all. Beowulf had promised that the next time that Grendel had attacked them that he would be ready and waiting for him.

Bringing up the twelve years of torture that the king and his people had been facing at heorot hall. They would have encountered more torture and torment for more years to come if Beowulf had not came to the rescue. When Grendel had arrived Beowulf wrestles the demon and tears off his arm in the altercation. While injured Grendel escapes into the wilderness and dies from his wounds. With this demon finally gone and out of the picture there is a celebration.

Beowulf is given gifts and rewards for his bravery that he has given this town. However, this was not the end of his bravery Grendel’s mother hears what happened to her son and attacks the heorot hall while the men were sleeping. Beowulf without any hesitation follows the mother that fled and dives into the lake and battles the mother one on one. After defeating the mother by slicing her with a sword her poisonous self had no match against Beowulf . Returning back to Heorot hall yet again they had another celebration. Beowulf is an exact symbol of a guardian angel though it was not his battle to choose to take on this match to help desperate people be at peace at last.

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