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Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Benjamin Franklin is a notable figure in American history and perhaps one of the most recognizable in name and appearance. Franklin was one of the most important people during the early years of the nation because of his involvement with the Declaration of Independence and the diplomatic and political advances he made during his life as a citizen of the new United States of America. Known for his curious mind, Franklin is also remembered for his many scientific contributions to the field of Physics.

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While many people would say that George Washington is the father of this country, there is a good argument that Benjamin Franklin should hold the title in the history books. Why? Because he is the only founding father to have signed the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Paris, and the Constitution, and it is these three documents as a whole that created the United States as its own nation apart from Great Britain and established its place in the world.

Without his ability to be diplomat, his political sense, and his scientific advancements, the United States would have likely never become the nation that it is today and for this reason, Franklin is destined to have a place in American history. Benjamin Franklin was, for all intents and purposes, first and foremost a shrewd and successful politician. During his political life he accomplished a great deal of important things. One of the most notable of Franklin’s political dealings was his absolute disapproval of the Stamp Act and he was at the head of the effort to have it repealed by Parliament.

He was appointed by the Continental Congress to the committee that would draft the Declaration of Independence and was in fact the person that edited it. In his later years, he was part of the committee that created the United States’ Constitution and was single-handedly able to help the unhappy delegates come to a compromise and helped, through an impassioned speech, get them to sign it. In his last years he was also known for being a dedicated abolitionist and spent a great deal of political energy asserting this cause. Throughout his life, his writings and activism helped establish the United States as an American nation.

In fact, he is credited with having inventing the idea of an American nation. As a diplomat, Benjamin Franklin was well-liked and received by other nations because of his friendly nature, his intelligent conversation, and his ability to connect with people on a different level. His most notable diplomatic accomplishment was the Treaty of Paris, which helped establish the United States as a separate and equal nation. Franklin was well-liked by the French because he was able to quickly understand the customs of the people and used his ability to negotiate over the dinner table to effectively make connections with the French.

Throughout his life, Franklin would be known as an accomplished diplomat for the United States. As a scientist, Franklin’s accomplishments are well known by Americans. Franklin was an inventor who enjoyed trying out new ideas and coming up with new scientific ideas. Among his inventions were the lightening rod, the glass harmonica, and bifocal glasses. His experiments with electricity were among his most well-known and became important contributions to Physics.

He also founded the American Philosophical Society, where men of science would get together and discuss their inventions and scientific research. Throughout his life, his greatest love would be science and his study of electricity. Benjamin Franklin is perhaps the most important of the founding fathers because his contributions to the country went far beyond simply serving as president or fighting in a war. Franklin was able to use his ability to work with others, be diplomatic, and his intelligence to help create the nation that he envisioned.

He not only helped the United States break away from England, but was there to help the American people gain status in the world at large and to help create the Constitution that would be the foundation of American society. His accomplishments in science and his founding of the American Philosophical Society helped bring science and culture to a fledgling nation that was trying to find its own way. For this he will always be remembered as the Father of the country. Bibliography “Benjamin Franklin. ” Wikipedia. 29 Jan. 2007 <http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Benjamin_Franklin#Inventions_and_scientific_inquiries>.

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