Benjamin Banneker a Famous Person

Who is Benjamin Banneker? Benjamin Banneker is famous mathematician that Was appointed Position of District Columbia commissioner by President Washington. He was famous for his Almanacs. I choose To write buy essay On him due to his amazing help in the agricultural field. I believe that in his time he helped a lot of people businesses flourish due to his almanacs. I will be talking about his life, his accomplishments, Is importance, and his relation to what we’re doing in class.

First, I would like to talk about how he became the man he was and about his Origins. Benjamin was born November 9th, 1731 he was born a free man and did not have the struggles of the times his mother was free and his father was a former slave. He grew up without any formal education. His grandmother taught him how to read. Later on, he briefly attended a Quaker School. After the Quaker School mainly taught himself everything he knows.

His hard work and dedication help to realize his ability in math and science. But instead of going to school and becoming a well-renowned scientist he started small. he started on his farm. he began to study the mood in the Stars and begin to learn about the famous days that would affect agriculture. this is the beginning of his legacy

Secondly, I would like to talk about His accomplishments in his field. he became recognize my many due to his almanacs. as I mentioned before he studied the moon and the stars for agricultural purposes.

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As we can see this helped shaped his first accomplishment. The Almanac. this was a tool that he created using the Stars, moon, and Sun. In addition to the agricultural fundamentals in the almanac, he also had another accomplishment published in there. he had a handwritten letter from Thomas Jefferson applauding him in his negative outlook on slavery. This book Remaindered print from 1792 all the way up to 1797 and sold very well.

thirdly, I would like to talk about it’s important today. I believe that this was important because it helped a lot of people get to the tribulations of their lives In his time and age. even though it was merely an almanac during his time the farm base lifestyle was very important. I think that a lot of people would have been alive if they had not known about droughts floods in creatures and other types of things going on around the farm during the year. he helped a lot of people get through rough times.

Lastly, I would like to talk about how this affects us today in our classroom. his work shows us that formulas can be used outside of the classroom. for instance, you could use them in your business “farming”. he also showed us how a growth mindset can help push you above any adversity. he did not have it all planned out. He came from humble beginnings and had to fight for his way to the top to become a great man respected by Society in his time.

In conclusion, I believe that this scientist helped form the modern agricultural day today. he shows us that pushing through all to help you succeed in life.

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