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Benefits on College Education Essay

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The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) projects 1,781,000 students at the bachelor’s degree level will graduate as the college in 2012. The importance of a university degree is being able to make your dreams come true. People study and attend college for different reasons, but ultimately reap the social, academic, and financial benefits of a college education. TW The first major effect of going to college is the effect college has on your social life.

Many students go to college because they want to have the college experience, such as meeting new friends, going to plenty of parties, being part of a sport team, gain more valuable resources, and so forth. These college experiences will allow the individuals to grow as a person, prepare themselves for adulthood, and have a deep understanding with our society. College is a world that is much bigger than you can imagine, and it is the place for you to meet new people from various backgrounds.

This is the opportunity for you to develop a network of friends and contacts, and this will help you in many different ways in your future and even during your career. At college, you will learn how to co-operate with each other, face with many new situations, solve the problems independently, and make decisions on their own. The second effect of a college degree is to increase your knowledge. College is the place for you to go if you want to learn something because it provides you stable structure and valuable resources.

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At college, students can learn new skills and a specific major, which will prepare themselves for their future career. Several decades ago, only few people were able to attend college, and it was rare to find people who completed a Bachelor’s degree. But nowadays, millions of students are graduated from colleges. Many students attend colleges is because they want to increase their knowledge, and expand their eyesight. With the help of professors and textbooks, you will learn the knowledge more thoroughly and systematically, especially if you choose to study a specific major.

By acquire college degree, people mostly open new doors of opportunities than those who without a college education. The third effect of attending college is the effect college has on your financial life. College provides more opportunities especially for those who want to make a difference from others and make a better living. The most direct goal of a Bachelors degree is to have a good job in the future. But nowadays, job market is very competitive, and less and less jobs are provided in our society.

As not all people can go to college now, a college experience is sure to guarantee some advantages for future career. If you look at a classified advertisement, you may find out that most of the well-paying jobs, white collar, and blue collar require a university degree or even higher. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a decent job with high salary without a college education. Today’s society is very materialistic, and we all want to live in luxury.

A higher salary can and it will change your lifestyle. For example, a person who has a higher annual income can enjoy a luxurious vacation by the end of the year, which is someone who has a low-paying job cannot afford to. .Education is the most important part of our lives, and for sure, it will change your life in different ways. A college education will lead you to a better and more successful life, and benefits you in many aspects, such as social, academic, and financial.

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