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Benefits of Viewing Movies at Home Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 3 (594 words)

Throughout generations, watching movies has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Motion pictures were originally developed as a carnival novelty and have developed to one of the most important tools of communication and entertainment. Most films before 1930 were silent. During the 1940’s, there was a desire for wartime propaganda in the film industry with realistic war dramas. The 1960’s brought an increasing awareness of foreign language cinema in America. During the 1970’s, audiences saw a dramatic increase in the popularity of martial arts films.

The early 1990s saw the development of a commercially successful independent cinema in the United States. In general, motion picture films have substantially affected the arts and technology. So as the years have progressed, watching movies at home has become an attractive activity to for many people. Many people find that watching movies enrich their leisure time and allow them to escape reality. There are three advantages to watching movies at home: convenience, inexpensiveness, and control.

An advantage to viewing movies at home is the convenience of personal food options.

Being at home allows the viewer to choose whether he wants to cook his own meal or order in. The viewer is also able to buy his own movie snacks. He can consume unlimited amounts of popcorn, candy, and soda of he chooses to; he also has the option to prepare a delicious, healthy meal. He has the ability to reheat on item if it gets cold and also to put leftovers away without worrying if it will spoil. The movie viewer is not restricted to one type of food or how much he is allowed to eat. He can enjoy any food he desires at an inexpensive cost.

Secondly, watching a movie at home is inexpensive. A wide variety of movies cost only one dollar to rent and DVD’s are more affordable than ever. And with companies like Netflix and Hulu, who only charge seven dollars a month subscriptions, viewing movies at home is much simpler. Candy, soda and popcorn purchased from the grocery store are cost-friendly with most items five dollars and under, and will not leave the viewer penniless. The movie viewer is able to able enjoy a great movie along with tasty snacks and not worry about how much money he spent on the evening.

The most beneficial aspect of watching movies at home is the ability to control the environment. The movie viewer is able to manage the amount of distractions at home, which helps him enjoy the movie. Movie volume and lighting can be adjusted for his own comfort level in the privacy of his home. He also has the power to pause the movie or to rewind incase he missed something. He does not have to worry about bothering others if he and another viewer want to discuss the events unfolding in the movie. No need to whisper, since he is in the comfort of his own home.

The movie viewer is able to dress comfortably and can choose to lie down or sit up; being home allows the viewer to change his seating position at will. This only helps heighten the movie watching experience. Overall, staying home to watch a movie offers many enjoyments such as convenience, inexpensiveness, and control. The viewer has a choice of watching movies alone, with a special someone, or with some friends. Being in a home environment allows people to relax and not become distracted by the public. In essence, watching movies provides entertainment and satisfaction that only the particular viewers can explain.

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