Benefits of Technology Essay

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Benefits of Technology

Primarily, technology allows us to reach the better standard of living. Firstly, we can now adjust our habitat to suit ourselves. For example, when it is too hot, we have fans or air-conditioners to make it cooler. Also, with high technology we can create buildings that can withstand earthquakes. Those buildings have special structures and they are made of supreme materials that can minimize the impacts of earthquakes. Automatic houses represent high-tech as well. Now with a few taps on the panel display people can set up the security alarm and control their houses easily.

The second feature which I should mention is that, high technology provides us with better health care. Modern medical devices are playing important roles in healing people. For instance, Ultrasound Diagnostic Scanners assist doctors in diagnosing diseases. More and more people are being cured. Beside, technology also allows us to create new drugs in good quality and quantity. In fact, without technology the mass production in medicine seems impossible.

Last but not least, technology has good effects on transportation. Throughout history, transportation has developed a lot; and its developments depend on the developments of technology. In the past, we used horses to travel over long distances, but today we can use vehicles or air planes to move from place to place. In addition, modern vehicles can carry heavy weight that antique conveyances could not. Indeed, we have ships that can load thousand tons weight.

Finally, the inventions of television, computer and internet lead us to the new age, the Age of Information Technology. Nowadays, we can communicate over very, very long distances. If I want to know what happen to any country all over the world, for example, I just need to search for the information on the internet. Beside, television provides us with the new ways of communicate, the mixture of language and images. You can broadcast your information in videos, audios and images through telecasting.

There is no doubt that technology has made our life easier than it was in the past. With the help of technology, we have no longer worried very much about transportation, communication, health care or even about our standard of living. Perhaps with the development of technology in future, we can travel or live in other planets which support better living conditions for human. In conclusion, technology may be the most valuable property of human being.

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