Benefits of Sustainability and Developing the use of Renewable Sources of Energy

Human beings relate to the natural world in only a minor way according to recent data. Humans don’t intentionally hurt the Earth for the most part, but our basic needs, such as food and shelter, destroys environments and reduces the amount of resources available. This is good for us as a whole, but possibly bad for the environment, and without taking into the account that some resources aren’t renewable, we can potentially cause irreversible harm to our collective home.

Sustainability is a widely talked about topic in today’s society. In its most basic sense, sustainability is the enduring quest to preserve social, environment, and economic needs in a way that balances all three equally. i do not believe that humans could ever work together efficiently enough to perfectly execute a fully sustainable way of life, but i do think that we can get close with advancements in technology and how we live our day-to-day lives. Three authors featured in the principle readings for week 9, Malthus and Ehrlich & Ehrlich, have a very pessimistic view on the future of society.

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They argue that the constant swelling of Earth’s population is causing strain on our resources available, and is eventually going to drive us towards our own extinction. Ehrlich & Ehrlich put extra emphasis on pollution caused by fuel and production methods used. According to them, the continuation of polluting the Earth and using our natural resources will cause us to reach a point where we cannot sustain our current standard of living any more and die out (Ehrlich & Ehrlich).

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Using data gathered from an article by Camila Ruz, titled, “The Six Natural Resources Most Drained By Our 7 Billion People, I can see where these three principle authors were coming from.

Ruz’s article states that at current consumption rates, the world only has 46.2 years of oil left, 58.6 years of natural gas, and 188 years of coal. Using these numbers,l can see that without change in methods of fueling vehicles and factories, we will run out and in the process fill our atmosphere with greenhouse gasses. Although I do agree that we need to conserve our resources and invent alternative, more efficient technology, 1 do not agree that Global Warming is as pressing of an issue as it is portrayed as by world leaders, such as President Obama, and the press. Looking at an infographic provided by Roy W. Spencer in his article, ”95% of Climate Models Agree: The Observations Must Be Wrong,” it can clearly be seen that the majority of models created for how the temperature is going to change in the coming years are wrong. Actual data is almost always below these predictions, proving that Global Warming is not as significant as it is usually perceived. in Ramachandra Guha’s article, “Radical American Environmentalism and Wilderness Preservation: A Third World Critique,” the main problem facing the world’s resources and use of energy in a dirty way our developing third world countries.

These places have the least care for preservation and focus on growing massive as fast as possible (Guha).  I think with global efforts, we can bring these countries out of poverty in a clean, efficient way that benefits the world community as a whole. Although sustainability needs to be practiced to conserve resources and habitats for future generations, we only need to slightly be concerned about greenhouse gas emissions based on real data gathered showing that predictions are too high. Although emissions are not a big worry, the world needs to invent a practical, renewable energy to better air quality and further slow down the rate of temperature rise around the Earth for the peace of mind and sense of duty for the whole population. With the abolishment of third world countries and a stabilization of the world population I think all of these worries can be abolished.

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