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Benefits of Speaking Several Languages

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According to a 2006 census conducted in Canada, 17. 6% (or 5. 8 million people) speak at least 2 languages or more. Koji Arizumi, director of The University of Alabama Critical Languages Center, said “we are a bit behind,” “The number of people in the United States who speak a language other than English at home increased 140 percent between 1980 and 2011” meaning that right now, people should be speaking two or more languages because we are in the 21st century. Have you ever wondered what the advantages are of speaking another language like French?

Being able to speak different languages will definitely benefit you.

The advantages of speaking another language are that they improve your communication skills; it makes travelling more convenient and will be an asset when you are searching for a job. Many people want to travel to Europe especially to places like France or Italy. Getting around, shopping, eating, touring may be hard while vising another country with a pocket sized dictionary. For example, trying to get to a museum or restaurant without the knowledge of the language is hard.

To find a person that lives there, who can give one directions to how to get to a place is going to take a very long time with basic words and dictionaries. Speaking many languages gives the advantage of being able to travel around without a translator. This also applies when watching a movie or TV show. If your favorite TV show is a Spanish soap opera, having the knowledge and being able to speak fluently will save a lot of time when watching the program or movie and makes everyday activities a slightly easier than before.

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Park 2 Making friends is hard in a new country, especially when you cannot speak their language.

When living in a foreign country, being able to communicate with others is crucial. Not only because you can make friends or you can get around the country, but because you need to know what they are saying is a bad word or what you said to them is insulting and you did not know that. For example, if some random person was to rob you, and you did not know what was going on, big problems can pop up. Using language skills can also help one’s communication skills. Therefore having a travel buddy that you just made and knows the country well will be an advantage to your travels.

Friends in new countries can be beneficial because next time one visits they will have a place to stay or a friend to eat lunch with and vice versa. When having the ability to speak two or more languages, it can be very useful and beneficial when looking and applying for a job. In Canada, being able to speak French fluently can help one get a good government job in Canada. For example working at the embassy in Canada, speaking French is crucial. Speaking different languages are good for government jobs but are also useful for other jobs that require another language, for example a teaching job or a travel agent.

Not only is this skill good for jobs in Canada, but jobs in other countries. Working around the world is not the only benefit, but you will be traveling too. It is like ‘killing two birds with one stone! ’ Finding a job with the skills of speaking many languages will make job searching stress free. Park 3 Overall, being multilingual will benefit you. Speaking different languages can help with work related skills, easy traveling and more social benefits. This skill will help with daily tasks and activities that make life a lot easier and enjoyable. If you want an easier life in the future, I suggest you start going to language school…NOW!

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