Benefits of Physical Education

Physical education is often included in the curriculum of many educational institutions from primary school to college. In this course, students have to learn about various physical exercises that are designed to keep the body healthy. Many people believe that introducing physical education from the moment children start education will make people develop healthy lifestyles. That is why physical education has become an important part of educational process.

Physical Education is very important in Kazakhstan in two main reasons: the first is that it promotes healthy dietary habits as well as exercising in students, but also we as a people are currently facing our largest epidemic of obesity.

Obesity is a result of a caloric imbalance, in other words, today’s people are taking in more calories than they need. Especially medical workers and students, due to their low mobility level.

Which when paired with improper exercise, like not playing outside, it results in the gaining of weight and could also be affected by genetic or environmental factors.

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Some of these immediate health conditions include various cardiovascular diseases like high cholesterol or blood pressure, and also becoming prediabetic. On the other hand we have long-term health conditions that could develop if this person were to stay obese, and these include cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

However all this could be prevented with the guidance of Physical Education where students and adults learn how to eat right and learn the importance of exercising routinely, thus living a healthy lifestyle both dietary and physically.

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Today people are plagued with an obesity epidemic as a result of having fast foods which then gradually leads to poor dietary habits and a non existent routine exercise. So, yes, we as a country should require for teaching services to teach Physical Education in order for our generation’s current workers to eat healthy, and as a result also improve their lifestyle. In the past 30 years and as a result be able to cure people effectively.

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Benefits of Physical Education

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