Benefits of Oil Drilling Essay

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Benefits of Oil Drilling

I am very intrigued by the oil drilling industry. I really hadn’t put much thought into the industry until around three years ago. Since then I have seen many arguments on the pros and cons of drilling for oil either offshore or inland. Some of which I completely understand and believe changes should be put into place soon so that we do not cause more damage than necessary. Numerous arguments though are just people looking to place blame and are not seeing the bigger picture.

In order to appreciate the benefits of oil drilling we need to understand the process that happens, our daily consumption and finally how we can be more dependent with our own sources. Countless of our everyday things are made from crude oil such as the gas we use, heating oil for our homes, paving roads, making plastics and even our children’s crayons. There are many different ways to refine the crude oil to get to the end product. Crude oil is basically fossil fuel that has been formed from dead animals and plants from millions of years ago. Engineers go through a process of locating where oil may be by using sonar.

When they believe they have found an area that has this fossil fuel, they begin by drilling a hole and then pump the crude oil out to either a barge or into a pipe that goes directly to land. Once the crude oil makes it to the refinery, they begin to break down the oil through different chemical reactions. This process is called fractional distillation which is where they have to break down the hydrocarbons in the crude oil. After the refineries finish transforming the crude oil, it is then shipped out to different companies to then make the products that we use every day.

Even though there has been a horrible disaster recently, polls show that Americans are still very much in favor of more oil drilling. It states, “Despite the spill, 60 percent say they support allowing for more drilling off U. S. coasts…” (http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/37116587/ns/politics-more_politics/). It is great to see that so many see the need for oil drilling and not just look at the disaster to make their judgments. We have a use for oil in our daily lives and this isn’t going to change until we find different ways to run everything that uses oil.

According to statistics found at the U. S. Energy Information Administration, we use 8. 9 million barrels per day in gasoline alone in 2009. Then you consider all the products we use that we cannot live without. These products are our petroleum based items and also in 2009 we used 19. 4 million barrels a day. Now that you see the data you can get a better idea as to why drilling is a necessary concept and definitely not something we should pull away from at this time. We are currently in an energy crisis because of the high demand for all the products produce from crude oil.

Nearly all of the oil we use comes from other countries, though if we were to open more waters for oilrigs then our dependence would drop. John Kerry, JD, US Senator (D-MA), sated on May 2010 “We spend almost one billion dollars every day on foreign oil. Much of it is sent to regimes that are hostile to America. That is money we should be investing here. We need to do what we can to reduce the demand we have for foreign oil and increase the energy sources that we can find here at home” (www. procon. org).

We have many areas here that we can use to drill for oil on our own soil and we not taking advantage of it. Opening the waters along California, in Alaska and along the shores of Virginia would create many American jobs and possible help out our economic issue. We are spending so much of our money buying oil from other countries that we are at war with and this does not make sense. We have the resources here that need to be developed and when this happens we, as a country, would save so much money that we could use in research for greener lifestyle.

Drilling for oil is a basic need for our daily lives to continue since of all the products we must have in order to live, though some of these products I am sure we could do without.. The demand is high and growing more as each day passes. We need to strive harder to make better plans on how we use our resources and where we get it. We could profit more as a country by doing so and possibly pull ourselves out of this recession we are in today. Better choices made today will make for better times in the future.

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