Benefits of Not Home Schooling Essay

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Benefits of Not Home Schooling

Parents may have various options for choosing what kind of education that’s best for their children. The know what good be an advantage and disadvantage of sending their children to school or opted to have a home education, whatever their decision is, it would be both beneficial to parents and to their children as well. There are lots of factors that parents would choose not to send their children to school, rather to enroll them in home schooling. Some parents feel that because of the rising tuition fees and the status of public schools made parents to be alarmed and have doubts about formal schooling.

Let’s take a look what are the advantages of home schooling. First, parents feel that they have the control of the kind of education their children will get. They will be able to guide their children on the activities and lessons, because they have the ability to look after their children. They also feel that it’s less stressful for children if they are not enrolled in school. Because of financial needs, parents opted to home schooling because it is less expensive, compared to private schools that continues to increase each year.

Emotionally wise, People who are involved in home schooling believe that children who get their education at home enable them to develop a stronger bond between parents and children. The very fact that children will be spending more time with their parents because of being schooled in the home enriches the relationship between the generations. This is beneficial to both parents and children. Where in formal schooling, children spend more time in school and when he gets home he is pre occupied with a lot of school works that tends children to become stressed out.

There are also tendencies coming from parents to pressure their children to do well in school. But let’s take a different perspective; I believe that children who are into home schooling are deprived of social interaction, especially interaction with their peers. Those who are into home schooling are confined within their houses, children needed to take some time off and interaction is very essential to the development of children in terms of social and emotional aspect.

A child will develop her communication skills, social skills, and even cognitive skills because interaction leads to experience, and experience leads to knowledge. School is not solely based books but rather a learning experience. There are lot of things we can learn outside from our home, from our teachers, classmates and friends. We need to socialize and experience certain things within the context of the book in order for us to understand and learn better, theories are not there for us to just memorize rather apply it into our daily lives.

Books could not be merely understood just by reading them we have to apply it even on simple things, and experience such events will enable us to learn something valuable. I truly believe that practical experience of learning will help me understand and gain knowledge better compared into being confined within our home. We can balance school and its pressure and our relationship with our parents. Yes, there may have a big gap in financial aspect but we just can’t sacrifice the kind of education we need, for education is beyond learning, it is our future.

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