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Benefits of hunting Essay

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Benefits of hunting

For my research topic I have decided to go over the benefits of hunting. I think these reasons are numerous, and cover a wide variety of topics. Some of which include, controlling the animal population, helping to maintain balance in the ecosystem, connecting with nature, participating in something with a rich tradition, and also to provide healthy organic food that you know exactly where it came from, and what was done to it. There are definitely other benefits to hunting, but they are probably almost too many to list, or touch on all of them. I will also try to tackle some of the proclaimed downsides to hunting.

And example of that is people constantly complain that hunting is killing, and yes it is but such a small part for most of us it is not why we hunt. That being said every piece of meat in the super market is also killing, and the animal never had a chance, and may not have ever been as healthy or happy as it could be. The audience for this paper would be those against hunting, or who don’t have any knowledge about hunting. My reason for choosing this topic is that I am an avid hunter, and the only differences I see for what I do when hunting vs. what a cattle ranch does is that I know everything going on in what I’m doing.

Basically I know where the animal was, I know who shot it and how it died, I know the animal is healthy, that it has had a good life, and was not confined to a tiny cage packed with others. Long story short, I know my animal I harvested is probably healthier than just about anything from the store. Also as humans we have a long history of hunting. I’m not sure when we started hunting, though for my paper I think it will be an excellent argument for the tradition of hunting, but I know we as a species have been doing it for as long as we can remember.

Not only that, but hunting is something often passed down from father to son, and is mainly why hunting has survived this long against so much backlash. I know for me personally hunting with my dad was some of the most fun times, and fondest memories, that I will ever get to have, until I pass it on to my kids. Hunting gets attacked from a lot of angles, the only one I really think that has any argument is one from a vegan. That is a person who really has no connection with any sort of harvesting animals at all. Honestly I respect their opinions, and wish that they would also do mine.

Hunting goes beyond people going out and shooting animals, and then posing with them in pictures, which I believe is all they see. They miss out on the tradition, the actual “hunt”, hunting does not mean killing, something any hunter can tell you. Not to mention all the bonding time with friends and family, and last the experience of just getting away from it all and being in the great outdoors. One last thing for the vegan argument is that from an evolutionary stand point it is pretty much impossible to argue against hunting.

Humans grew up the evolutionary ladder partly because of our abilities to get better at hunting. Someone who provided a couple hundred pound animal complete with meat and hides had to be more valuable than someone who just picked berries. Being vegan is also a choice, its not exactly the way of nature. Sure some animals eat only plants, but things like wolves just can’t do it. Eating meat and hunting are part of Earth, and I would say that 99. 99% of kills done by humans are quicker, and cleaner, than those done by animals.

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