Benefits of Drinking Coffee and the Benefits of Green Tea Essay

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Benefits of Drinking Coffee and the Benefits of Green Tea

Compare and contrast the benefits of drinking coffee with the benefits of green tea? It is nice to have a cup of hot drink in the morning, there are many options which to choose, such as coffee and green tea, two famous drinks in the world. They have different effects on body, and could prevent different kind of diseases, one similarity thing is both of them contain Caffeine. Coffee could effects on body, prevent diseases and contain vast caffeine. Your muscle strength will be stronger after you drink coffee because of caffeine, coffee couldn’t make you fatter, but if you put sugar into your coffee, it will make your stature fatter, and almost everyone put sugar in theirs coffee.

According to Brian Fung (2012, July 3rd), “We are learned that coffee can protect your heart, reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer, and curb the risk of fibrosis among those with fatty liver disease.” Drink coffee is not a preferred option before you go to bed, because of the caffeine, it could stronger refresh you, so it better to drink it in the morning. Green tea could make you body slim, prevent diseases and contain caffeine. An antioxidants called catechins was found in green tea, it could inhibits the cholesterol produce, decrease the cholesterol content could make you body healthy.

According to Leslie Beck (2011, July 5th), “It’s a beverage that’s touted to boost metabolism, prevent cancer, ease arthritis pain, even fight dental cavities. Now, new study findings suggest there’s one more reason to drink green tea: It lowers blood cholesterol.” If somebody was drunk, green tea could help you get out of that bad condition because the caffeine that in green tea could boost metabolism. In conclusion, different people have different opinions, both coffee and tea is benefit for us. So what drinks is not important, the important thing is to understand yourself and find an appropriate drink.

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