Benefits of Distance Learning from a Student’s Perspective

  1. Benefits for Technical Staff
  2. Faster response and more design consistency
  3. Multimedia
  4. Course documents
  5. Link maintenance (persistent URLs)
  6. Opportunities for integration with repositories of learning objects
  7. Easy to add additional search portals for special use
  8. Benefits for Faculty
  9. Instant access to reusable learning resources
  10. Increased efficiency and higher quality of product development
  11. Publication opportunity for individual faculty members
  12. Gateway to a new economy of learning objects

III. Benefits for Students

  1. Higher quality of courses
  2. Resources available for student assignments
  3. Students can generate tons of information from the web
  4. Greater adaptability to learning styles
  5. One-on-one interaction with the instructor
  6. Develops positive student’s characteristics for the success of course
  7. Self-reliance
  8. Responsibility
  9. Initiative
  10. Gives opportunity for shy students to open up
  11. Minimal student disruptions and dominance
  12. Students can do their work and attend class at their convenience
  13. Communication can be done anywhere at any time
  14. Many forms of advice are available online
  15. Online advice and mentoring
  16. Practitioner
  17. Expert
  18. Instructor
  19. Other students or colleagues advice and feedbacks
  20. Review of past lessons and discussions can be found on the online forum
  21. Creates opportunities to share perspectives beyond a particular module

Distance learning has many benefits for both the instructor and the students and so as to the technical staff.

  Listed above are some of the benefits.

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  Through distance learning, a quality education can be done for a minimal cost and can give high benefits both for the provider and consumer.  Also, the use of technologies such as media, audio conference, video conferencing, etc. really can enhance the communication and interaction between the instructor and the learners altering the face-to-face traditional classroom discussion and can improve the learning effectiveness.

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At a low costs with the same together with a better quality education brought by innovation on the search for higher education, made distance learning a success.  Having computer and an internet connection at home, the convenience of being on their own rooms and chair; at their comfortable dress, foods and drinks at their hands, dogs at their feet, and cat at their lap, all of these, while learning in distance, is surely a comfort that students of distance learning courses begets.


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Benefits of Distance Learning from a Student’s Perspective

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