Benefits and Drawbacks of College Education

Most high school seniors are under pressure by their peers and parents to take the common path known as college because it is the easiest way to make money. The main reason students attend college in the fall is not because they want to, it’s because they are so pressured into doing it and never fully get the chance to sit down and seriously reflex on what they want to do from a means of living in the next decade.

If the student ever finds the time to reflect on what they want to do, may of them end up developing different opinions towards the end high school, but due to their parents, they become blinded by what makes them happy and tend to lean towards the feelings of “making mom and dad proud”. At the end of the day parents want to have a say in their child’s decision making, even if there self consensually aware about it or not.

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It is a social luxury to go to college. Yet most individuals often go to college to get the name of a university student. It’s a straightforward way for some young and inexperienced high school graduate to leave their home and be self enrolled without losing their parents financial assistance. They do not want to be looked down upon by their peers so they do what’s best in the interest of others, instead doing what’s best for themselves, so they can escape being ridiculed by society.

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Little did we know that since we were little kids we had the idea that college was the right pathway for success.

Finishing up college and getting a degree doesn’t automatically grant the individual a job right after they finish their degree. Recent graduates are not able to find a good job dealing with there major because of the increased availability of a college education means that there is competition between unemployed college graduates. Even if the individual does find a job it’s usually not what her or she got there diploma for. They end up having to find a low paying job to pay off all the 20-25 years of loan debt. Which leads to most college students wishing they could’ve spent more of their time learning more within their field of study and less time on irrelevant materials. Many people offer the solution of going to trade school and getting work related experience that way. The problem with trade school is that you can only go so far with the area of work you’re able to do. My solution to this is to have high schools stay more focused on getting students into CCP. By finishing prerequisites through junior and senior year of high school, not only are CCP students getting head of your classmates they’ll be getting most if not all of the useless courses finished before they enter college.

Along with college comes with its benefits and drawbacks. I believe what you make of college is your own decision, allow yourself to have your own experience. Don’t become flustered with all of the outside distractions in your life telling you want you should do or what you can’t do. It can become the best four years of your life, but only if you want it to. You can view the pessimism of college as a waste of money or as a new challenge that essentially lays the groundwork for the near future.

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