Benefit and Drivers Essay

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Benefit and Drivers

Riordan Manufacturing vision is “Focus on achieving and maintain reasonable profitability to assure that the financial and human capital is available for sustained growth.” To achieve the vision Riordan manufacturing mission is to become industry leaders in using polymer materials to provide solutions to customer’s challenges. Riordan’s management team is developing a consultant tem to create a new focus on creativity and innovation (Riordan Mfg., 2013). Team A will assume the role of consultant team for the Riordan and identify the internal and external drivers of innovation for Riordan. Also, describe how innovation, design, and creative thinking may benefit Riordan in terms of meeting its organizational objectives.

Internal Drivers – Erica At Riordan Manufacturing, there are many internal drivers of innovation. Our customers are our main driver simply because if their needs are not met on a consistent level customer loyalty may lose. Maintaining rigorous quality controls, reasonable pricing, a responsive business attitude, and innovative solutions are the initiatives being set forth by Riordan Manufacturing. (Apollo Group, 2013) Our staff is another internal driver of innovation.

Having employees who are equally trained and have the necessary support, breeds the opportunity to create the proper environment for Riordan manufacturing’s long term success. Financial stability drives innovation because we need to maintain a certain level of profit in order to support the growth of the company. As stated in our mission statement, “Our R&D is, and will remain the industry leader in identifying industry trends.” Our company exists solely to meet the ever-changing wants and needs of our customers. Most companies consider its customers to be the number one internal driver.

External Drivers – Lakaii Identify the external drivers of innovation for an organization Benefits of Innovation, Design and Creative Thinking Innovation – Robin Describe how innovation might benefit the organization in terms of meeting its organizational objectives. Design – Carolyn Describe how design might benefit the organization in terms of meeting its organizational objectives

Creative Thinking – Carlene Creative thinking develops from curiosity, dissatisfaction with status quo, a need for experimentation and a craving for improving things. Riordan’s rapid growth in manufacturing plastics containers is creating a need for the team to understand the creative process of problem solving. Riordan is facing a large number of problems, which continues to increase pressure to improve production process and systems. The need to find solution through creative thinking will restructure and redevelop the problem-solving approach. Creative thinking will produce new ideas and perspective solution to problem and decision-making strategies (Stamm, 2008).

The benefits of creative thinking is more effective use of manager’s time, better products to appeal to customers, motivation among staff, appeal to customer’s want and needs, cut costs through more efficient production methods, and identifying new, and profitable product and market opportunities. Creative thinking benefits every area and activity of Riordan’s management team. Creative thinking helps the team come up with better ways of marketing a plastic bottle, to plan new production processes, and to find new ways to motivate people. Creativity is part of situation in business where chance to do things better and more profitable (Ackoff, 1999).

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