Bench Essay Topics

Almost. Maine Test (Play)

True or False: 1) Phil and Marci are married. 2) The setting for the play is Eastport, Maine. 3) Steve is Marvayln’s boyfriend. 4) Randy and Chad are a couple. 5) Gayle and Lendall are married. 6) Rhonda and Dave went snowmobiling. 7) Pete is left alone at the end of the play. 8) Jimmy… View Article

Is the Court System Fair

Throughout generations, the public joke of how attorneys are like sharks, they “circle around their prey before they head in for the kill” has been proven through ruthlessness and relentlessness to acquire and win a court case, especially if the possible case is high-profile (a Hollywood star, a nationally known football player, singer, a television… View Article

Mental Health Court

Mental health courts are a resource given to prisoners who would normally be put in prison if they had not decided to join this special program. Mental health court is a court run program by the district attorney’s office in some counties. This program is based off of traditional court room structure but is also… View Article

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied

Justice delayed is justice denied is rightly the present scenario of India. Justice though is difficult to define,bt can be said that it varies according to situations and persons. Since we live in a deomocratic country like india where people are governed by the laws of the country , it is very important to deliver… View Article