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Beloved Novel Analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 3 (542 words)
Categories: Book Review, Literature, Literature
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Beloved’s return gives Sethe a chance to ‘lay it all down’. This strange and uncultured woman arrives at the house, ‘A fully dressed woman walked out of the water’. Her appearance mystifies Sethe, as her skin is smooth and obviously not that of an ex-slave. Although Beloved is called a ‘woman’ her skin is as smooth as a baby’s. Morrison describes it as ‘new skin, lineless and smooth’. There are many characteristics of Beloved that are child-like.

She has a sweet tooth just as a child does and her use of language is nai?? ve as well, for example: “Your woman she never fix up

Annie Morgan your hair? ” Beloved’s sweet tooth is just like that of a child’s as she ‘ gnawed on a cane stick to flax and kept the strings in her mouth long after the syrup had been sucked away’. At the time in which Morrison set this novel, and in the black culture, a belief in reincarnation was deemed completely acceptable.

Paul D had removed the ghost from the house, and then the woman appears at 124 with the same name as Sethe’s late daughter.

It is obvious to the reader that Denver knows exactly who Beloved is and her presence is more welcome than not. Sethe becomes once again like a mother, as she is fascinated by and infatuated with Beloved. Her world outside of 124 does not seem to matter to her anymore now that Beloved has ‘returned’ to her. She says, “Whatever is going on outside my door ain’t for me. The world is in this room. This here’s all there is and all there needs to be. ” Beloved has completely turned Sethe and Denver’s lives around.

Denver cherishes Beloved’s company and does not seem to mind anymore that she knew nobody outside of those that came to 124. Beloved opens up to Denver and tells her about the ‘dark place’ that had so little room that Beloved is ‘down on her side and curled up’. Besides this we find out very little about why Beloved is there and where she has come from. This is ironic as she is able to forget the past unlike Sethe who is forced to hold on to hers.

Beloved has no recollection of how she came to be at 124 whereas Sethe’s past has made such a dramatic impact on her. Morrison’s novel not only describes what the black women have been through but also how the effects of these events have made such a huge impact on them and how they are going to live the rest of their lives. Sethe’s own experience led her to violence and murder, and even though she did it for, what she felt to be, her children’s own good, the incident haunts her every day until Beloved comes back to her.

Morrison gives very powerful descriptions of how much Sethe and other black women have suffered. She also describes the importance of motherhood, and how a mother needs her children as much as children rely and depend on their mother. Losing a child can be the most horrific thing that a mother could ever experience and Morrison attacks this loss in a way that is dramatic and powerful.

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