Belmar beach Essay

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Belmar beach

Being from the jersey shore there is many options to choose from, but Belmar beach is the most beautiful and exciting beach. Every time you go to Belmar beach there is always someone new to sit down and have an ice cold drink with. Belmar is also known to have the best over-head waves that look smooth and glossy from the sun reflecting off the water. My favorite place to hangout is at Belmar beach on a hot sweaty day with a cool ocean breeze filled with a lot of variety of people.

Belmar beach is always filled with tourist from all over the world, who tend to make the beach look filthy and covered with trash everywhere. However, on its lonely deserted days its impeccability is hard to miss. The sunlight gleaming off the ocean surface onto the lightly shaded grey boardwalk. Having a loud atmosphere as well, it’s hard to say that one won’t get distracted a little with its blissful music surrounding you corner by corner. On the contrary, when in need for a serene soothing place, Belmar can contain one of the most nerve-calming areas such as its Cafes or its nearby vast lake.

My favorite days to go to Belmar beach is on a hot peaceful day with huge over-head waves that are smooth to surf. I like to sit in the water looking and listening to the peaceful waves crashing onto the jetti spraying mist in the air. After having a work out in the water from the ferocious waves and powerful currents there are many restaurants to choose from that have amazing scenery of the beach and with food that is ridiculously good. However, you can also get the softest and most delicious mouth melting ice cream right on the boardwalk.

Furthermore, Belmar is filled with thrilling and exciting activities to do on the most boring and tiresome days. To begin with, individuals who are into the sport of surfing can be fascinated with its graceful dominate blue waves. For the people who prefer fishing, its resourceful waters contain one of the most beautiful fish in the seas. Now for the more reserved people who like to keep to themselves, quiet and peaceful spots are available. Since any type of environment can be seen inhabiting Belmar, not one type of individual will stand out.

Overall, Belmar beach has everything to offer with the beautiful beach, amazing memories, and filled with many exciting activities to do. Going to Belmar beach will keep you occupied the entire day, filling your emotions with joy and excitement. Belmar will also give you amazing views of the ocean’s waves perpetually crashing onto the damped sand. Ultimately, making Belmar the most tranquil and relaxing beach to go to.

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