Believe Essay Topics

Let Bygones be Bygones

A time in my life that I will always have memories of is being sent to J.J.A.E.P, which stands for Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program in the 8th grade. The reason I was emitted to alternative school was because I brought a container of painkillers to school. I will not go into much detail about… View Article

An event in your life that changed you

A new house, new school, and a completely new atmosphere were ahead of my nine-year-old life. I had lived in the same house for what it seemed like forever and had attended the same school since first grade. I knew everyone. From January to December, my calendars were filled with birthday parties I had to… View Article

Animal Farm Study Questions Chapter 6-10

1. The animals are doing a lot of work because they have to get the windmill done. 2. Napoleon decides to trade with the neighboring farms because the can’t afford to let the windmill go undone and the animals are starving. 3. The animals’ reaction is that they are shocked but decide it is necessary… View Article

Recruitment of a Star

After reading “Recruitment of a Star”, it has become convincingly evident that only one candidate stood out among the rest with regard to RHS’s corporate values, analytical requirements and contribution potential. Although all candidates show strong qualifications, the candidate I am referring to is Sonia Meetha. First of all Mrs. Meetha’s credentials are extremely impressive…. View Article