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Being surrounded by alienated minds living far away from reality many individuals Essay

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Being surrounded by alienated minds living far away from reality, many individuals believe that those who suffer from mental and psychological illness should be treated by professionals; otherwise they will lead to some consequences that would hurt both the patient and the society surrounding them. While on the other line of the spectrum the sociological perspective debates that there are other priorities a human should worry about, as it’s not as significant as other diseases. However, the reason behind choosing this crucial issue was a popular American drama series “The Alienist”, presented on the television by Jakob Verbruggen.

Identifying the two perspectives, the national perspective will discuss the issue assuming there is no awareness giving its evidences and facts while the global scope will view the awareness taken by the world. Literally every single one of us has felt isolated from others at some point of their lifespan. At this point it becomes crucial to seek help from a close person to you, yet those can be the people who could hurt you the most, saying: “others have much bigger problems than you do”, “grow up”, “get a life”, etc… In Egypt there is a beating stigma also referred as a taboo regarding this issue.

Many individuals feel insecure being open with discussing their mental state with others. Fearing the look of their society and being judged as insane. As a matter of fact, Egypt lacks financing mental health institutions and services, as well as the number of hours for learning in medical schools are enough regarding the field of mental illness. (WHO). Due to the weak financial state in Egypt and lack of professional therapists to help people with mental and physiological illness, it was concluded in march 2017 by the General secretariat of mental health that number of patients acquired in asylums around the country has increased from 444,650 in 2015 to 516,00 by the year 2016, meaning that there is no awareness and the number of patients are escalating. In a study carried out by the Ministry of Health found out that roughly about 25% of the whole population is concerned to be suffering from mental health-related problems. The inquiry showed that 30.1% are suffering from depression that is associated with substance abuse, while the other 43.7% were suffering from anxiety disorders. In a recent study carried out by Egypt’s Ministry of Health, it showed that almost 30% of high school students are suffering from physiological issues such as anxiety, tension, depression and speech defects, including 21% of them experiencing suicidal thoughts. When several individuals were questioned from a survey about the issue concerning any knowledge about it 48.4% said they knew the issue yet the rest were not so sure. Although when they were asked if they ever felt acquiring a mental issue the majority 64.5% said yes yet they were not so sure if they would visit a therapist or not, as 41.9% of the responses was maybe, 29% never and 29% said yes. In schools, workplaces or universities there are no therapists as 83.9% said. Let’s take a moment and appreciate what we have achieved through the journey of treating mental illness. The evolution from letting the patient bleed thinking his mental state is a disease in his blood, to removing organs and separating different parts of the brain from each other known as lobotomy. We then realized that our brains are composed of chemical and transitions, that is possible to balance out with the right medications. 21 January 2019 ” WHO launched its Mental Health Atlas project which includes the data of future plans, policies and laws for mental health and human resources involving more than 150 countries. The project is updated every 3 years. The Mental Health America (MHA) is one of the popular organizations known for fighting depression and other mental diseases. They created an online survey so that anyone can have a quick check up on their mental state know as MHA screening its one of the easiest and fastest ways to determine whether you are mentally ill or not. Over 4 million individuals have explored their mental health concerns using MHA screening. May 2017 ” these communities are helping to make illnesses that are often invisible to friends and family visible through photos and videos. Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram as he wrote in a blog post. The number of individuals seeking help on the platform caught the eye of Instagram as they were inspired to run #HereForYou campaign. The aim was simple, connecting people and communities with each other and spread their stories wide across the site. September 2017 ” In the United Kingdom the highest rate of deaths goes to suicidal among men under 45, which inspired TheLADBible Group to initiate a 3-month campaign known as UOKM8 to raise the awareness of mental health and phycological illness across their audience, specially when 37% of them had suicidal thoughts as a poll they ran. The campaign reached over 38 million viewers. In 2017 India finally banned electroconvulsive therapy for youngsters and outlaws the isolation of mothers using mental health care from their children under 3 years old. As a part of the revamp of the Indian mental health ratification, it gave every individual the right for proper treatments and access to governmental health institutions. Presumably that there was not enough awareness nationally regarding the argument. Perspective 1 viewed the issue mainly from an economic, medical, and social perspectives. It was supported by its reliable resources and trusted well-known organizations such as WHO and Ministry of Health in Egypt which provided various amounts of numerical data and researches. The statistical information was the most robust point perspective 1 had, showing that the epidemic is increasing as they stated that the number of individuals acquired in asylums were increased from 2015 to 2016. And according to (DALYs)” Egypt is by far the most affected country in the region for depression”.

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