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Being Polite While Giving Feedback

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (407 words)
Categories: Being Polite, Body Language, Rhetoric
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Giving feedback to a classmate in a distance learning environment would be different from giving face to face feedback in many ways such as with distant learning you have to be sure to provide detailed information so that your classmate will understand. When providing feedback to a distant learner you have to be sure your words are used carefully try to critique the feedback as if you were the classmate an see what reaction you would give. When providing feedback face to face I am able to see the user’s reaction to the discussion.

I also feel that when providing feedback face to face you feel a little more comfortable. Also, when providing feedback face to face I am able to see the user’s reaction to the discussion. Typically when I speak on a subject with someone I likeface to face coverag so I am able to see a reaction t our discussion. why I chose the OLS giving feedback to a classmate in a distance learning environment be different from giving face-to-face feedback 80% of communication is by the tone of voice we use, facial expression and in body language.

Only 20% is in the words.

If in a distance learning environment you have to very carefully pick your words so as to not be misunderstood or give offence. If face-to-face you could instantly see that soemone has misunderstood what you’re saying and could change it accordingly. Both however require honesty and openness. The usual best way of giving feedback is the “sandwich technique” – you say something good, then tell what they could improve on (never say they did something wrong), and finish on a positive; something like: “I really liked the way you wrote that story.

I wouldn’t have minded if there had been more dialogue and less description, but overall I think you got the message over really well”. When you’re commenting on a post from someone, one tip you want to remember is your online tone is harder to distinguish than a face to face tone. Emoticons and jokes may seem juvenile, but they may keep a joke from being taken seriously. Also, in MS Word, when you’re reading someone’s paper, you can highlight a phrase, click insert comment, and comment away and it shows up very clearly what part of the paper you would like to comment on or edit. Save it with the comments and email it back to them.

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