Being in a group can have many positive Essay

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Being in a group can have many positive

Being in a group can have many positive effects but I will only list a few. I feel that working in a group is a great way to teach someone because people may learn from each other’s own background and experiences. When you enter the work force you need to be able to express your ideas and thoughts to others in a logical and at the same time pleasant way. While working in groups may be very rewarding it can also go sour, we have all had negative experiences. There are times when the work just cannot be completed when needed; there are times when one person is doing all of the work; there are other times when each member of the group does their own share and then the work is compiled. This doesn’t work because only one student is learning the portions of the subject; and finally, there can be times when the members of the group do not get along and then again the work and the group does not go well together.

I think do personality test and grouping people that are alike in one group working on subject a can make this process more streamline. However when doing that you might miss out on thinking outside the box that the group with people in common might tend to do. I recommend that the group sizes to be between three and four people. The reason for this is that a small group is easy to manage and easy to communicate in, whether a person is an extrovert or an introvert. All people must feel reasonably comfortable in order for groups to work proficiently. I believe that the process of using small group’s parallels the process of tutoring someone new in that the comfort level of the workers is increased thus allowing them to be more productive. There are a few areas I think could be improved on in a group I am in at work.


1. Build Trust
2. Communicate positively and openly.
3. Expect The Best From Your Staff
4. Create Team Spirit
5. Give Recognition and Appreciation
6. Give Credit and Take Responsibility
7. Be Approachable
8. Provide A Positive Physical Environment
9. Make Staff Evaluations a Positive Experience
10. Make It Fun

Everyone wants to be where people are having fun, so make your workplace feel happy and festive. Find reasons to celebrate together, such as birthdays, birth of a baby or grandchild, moving into a new house, etc., and having small parties to celebrate these events. If possible provide a cake, and put up a sign or banner in the break room saying “Today We Are Celebrating……………”. Ask your employees what would be fun for them and then implement what is feasible.

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