Being Bilingual Essay

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Being Bilingual

The world has become a small village. People from different countries communicate with each other daily. Therefore, the need for bilingualism has become urgent for several reasons such as migration, having parents who speak a different language or studying in an international school. In fact, speaking two languages can help us get better job opportunities and open up our mind. Firstly, being bilingual can help you have a good job easily. Nowadays, it is one of the highest priorities that you speak more than one language. For example, most of the international banks request their employees to be bilingual. Also, it is improves our life and offer us good job opportunities. All in all, one who speaks two languages gets many benefits in his life.

Secondly, speaking two languages can open up our minds to new experiences and new cultures. For example, we can enjoy free time by reading books that have been written in different languages and watching documentaries and programs about different cultures. Moreover, when we travel, we get to understand people and their jokes, comments and conversation, which makes our stay in a foreign country more enjoyable and memorable. All the above reasons for knowing a new culture, it is traditions and history, enables us to communicate effectively with people from different places.

In conclusion, it is Necessary to be bilingual to lead a more comfortable and meaningful life. Many lucky people do not choose to be bilingual because they are born in a family that speaks different languages. Their bilingual environment opens many doors for them. It is also enable them to be more successful.

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