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Being acquired reading habit in English Essay

Essay Topic:

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Have you ever think that reading forms the mind? Even though reading habit looks as if incidental, it actually avails to describe thoughts and a lot of events that people encounter in their lives. Having a reading habit provides a lot of developments in human’s life from widening person’s viewpoint to improving learning skills. However; unfortunately, there are a few people who spare time to read, especially the issue is about reading a book written English. To increase the rate, teachers should employ and give some different activities both in the classroom and after the class in order to gain reading habit in English by encouraging their L1 learners to read.

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The first reading habit is expected to be acquired to learners in the classroom by giving specific activities as English and behaviors. Being a role model as a teacher is the most effective behavior that should be employed in the classroom. Learners imitate their teacher in most ways. For this reason, a teacher should read a book and share them what gained from the book and how it is when there is some free time in the classroom. Secondly, reading as English is taught for pleasure. Teachers should keep reading the challenge. To do this, teachers can set up a reading class for an hour or classroom library and tell L1 learners to bring an English book that would address their interests with them. This shows that their interests are taken into consideration, so learners will be more into reading in English. Similarly; Lowes, R. & Target, F. (1998, P. 56) draw attention to the importance of this by saying “Students can bring in something they would like to read and this may stimulate other students to want to read it too.”. In addition to these, teachers play some games with their learners such as trying to identify words or making some questionnaires. A study by Phillips, S. (2001) indicates that trying to find some clues, for example asking learners to underline pronouns that show one person or words that show connectors, is an activity to develop both their knowledge and reading habit. Due to these activities and behaviors, learners will realize that reading helps them decode the symbols and sentences more easily.

Since practicing in the classroom is not enough, learners are expected to practice after the class with some exercises. Learners accept that the activities that have done in the class are enough, but they are mistaken because the more they practice reading in English, the more their reading skills and speed increase. Also, most learners deny reading in English because of the unknown words. The unknown words make to derive the exact meaning from the text hard. To solve this problem, teachers can teach some reading strategies. For example, House (1997) shows to read silently first and then identify the words that learners do not understand as an example. In addition to this strategy, putting another word in the place of the unknown word and trying to estimate the meaning of the sentence that includes the unknown word is another reading strategy. In other words, reading is important in terms of enriching vocabulary. Except for this activity, teachers can find English books as an adapted version that ease their comprehension and the teacher can ask them to write a review to see what they understand by giving these book to each person to read at the home., learners can bring these written reviews to the school and discuss with their partners. Therefore, they can enhance their comprehension by sharing ideas.

In conclusion, teachers should encourage their learners to read in English by displaying exemplary behavior and making reading attractive with games and some other activities. The more learners read in English, the more they will have wide knowledge and creativity, but if learners deny reading in English, their capacity for comprehension can be restricted.

House, S. (1997). An introduction to teaching English to children. London: Richmond.n.
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