Being a Teenager Is Hard Work

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Being a teen is complicated and confusing your grow into a young adult. trying to fit in and please everyone is what being a teen is about. Learning who you are and what you want to be is probably the hardest thing about growing up. You have more decisions you can make on your own decisions and pick right from wrong, 33.2 percent of high school seniors still report drinking alcohol . Teens go through obesity, 20 percent of teens are obese, A estimate of 3 million people go through depression before adulthood, which means 20 percent of teens experience depression.

Trying new things is normal growing up, kids are experiencing alcohol in early ages as early as 12 maybe with parents just trying a drink but i feel more like pressure from friends. Teens who drink at early ages are more to be involved in violent behaviors, attempted suicide and have problems with drink later in life. Teens tend to drink reckless one drink and then driving can ruin your life and as a young adult you don't realize it .

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About 1 in 10 teens drink and drive and think its okay until getting caught or wreak, 1 in 5 teen drivers involved in fatal crashes had drank alcohol before crashing. All though while drinking with you friends your have a good time your affecting yourself in the long run. Having to drink and drive isn't the only option. Teens have the mindset nothing bad can happen to them until it happens and that just part of growing up. About one in seven teens binge drinks, only 1 in 100 parents believe there teen binge drinks.

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Obesity is a big role in teens, it can be caused by many reasons besides just over eating. low self-esteem, depression or other emotional problems, stressful life events or change or just because lack of exercises. Being obese can change not only yourself but health can can be serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. This also causes depression and low self esteem. Being a teen you have to take things into you own hands and be in control of yourself and make right decisions. Depression is something big in teens years being depressed affects more than just yourself, you grades can drop because your not as focused and you just give up, angry and no energy for anything. Each year, almost 5,000 young people, in their teenager years, this is because of depression most of the time.

Being a teen can be as easy as you make it and be a smooth ride as long as you focus on yourself and make right decisions which means just because your friends are telling you to do something like just have a drink before driving home, you have to grow up and learn to say no. Going out with friends and having fun is okay as long as you think as a the young adult you are. Being who you are and accepting yourself and not caring what others think will get you father in life. Friends in your teen years most likely won't be with you when your a grown adult.

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