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Being A Nurse Is Hard

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (384 words)
Categories: Being A Nurse, Friend, Nurses
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Not all of my co-nurses were friendly and approachable. Until one day, I was tasked to take the vital signs of the patients during my first few weeks of working in the Medical-Surgical Ward. But then one day, the medication nurse would ask me to come with her when she gives medications so I would be able to learn how to give it properly.


I felt a bit anxious and worry that I might make some mistakes when it was time for me to give medications to the patients.

So I was really relieved when my (senior) medication nurse offered to take me with her during her rounds to teach me. Ingvarsson, Verho, and Rosengren (2019) state that being humble is a characteristic of a newly graduate nurse while under the supervision of a more experienced nurse.


The good thing about this experience is that there is someone I know I can ask for guidance during my first few weeks of working.

She had taught me to always observe the patient’s rights when giving any medication and fully know the effects of each drug.


Preparedness for clinical practice is a critical issue for new nurse practitioners (NPs). (Bowen & Hart, 2016) On reflection, the situation made me a little bit more confident when giving medications because I had been properly guided by my senior nurse.


Due to this experience, I had learned that by properly guiding a newly-graduate nurse can help boost their confidence and morale which would enable them to perform any procedure without any hesitation knowing they are prepared and has full knowledge of the nursing procedure. Mentors acting as peer teachers can ease the transition from the academic training classroom to the clinical unit by assisting the critical care nursing student with problem-solving and clinical skills to be able to handle the emotional impact of the work. (Sibiya et al., 2018)

Acation Plan

Now when I was already working at the hospital as a senior nurse, I make it a point to approach the new nurses and let them know that I would always be available if there is something that they are unsure of and actively teach and guide them the proper way just like what my senior nurse had done for me in the past.

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