Behavioural Skills for Business Essay

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Behavioural Skills for Business

When looking at what a manager should be doing and what Richard has been doing it is easy to see that he is struggling to properly understand what being a manager actually entails. While there have been many theorists over the years all trying to show what being a manager truly means I think that Rosemary Stewart’s theory fits Richards situation perfectly. Stewart recommended a three part classification for the analysis of jobs. She focused on; Job Demands – What you must do

Job Choices – The freedoms you have. Job Constraints – The limit on what you can do. When looking at Job Demands you need to look at certain things; What routine job activities must not be neglected or delegated without a penalty being incurred. When looking at Richards situation you can see that

Conflict There can be many causes of conflict within a business these can include; the formation of cliques; group pressure; patterns of communication; personality clashes; assumptions about others; misuse of authority; power tactics and manipulation; general expectations and beliefs; misunderstandings; understandable beliefs and assumptions. With regards to Carole’s situation the biggest causes of conflict are due to the fact that there were personality clashes between herself and Joanne due to the fact that they couldn’t work out a way to effectively to distribute the workload and then fell out due to “bitter words were exchanged”. It doesn’t help that the patterns of communication are weak within the company when she was put in charge, an example of this is when she found out that both Joanne and Ian had taken to leaving work early via an administration officer.

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