Behavioral Essay Topics

Behavioral scientists

Gang violence is a social phenomenon that has caught the interests of behavioral scientists, psychologists and other related fields. At the forefront is the fact that gangs are social groups that have exclusive rules and strict codes of brotherhood which can actually provide the need for belongingness and affiliation as well as security in the… View Article

Online Behavioral Targeting and Consumer Privacy Issues

Sophocles’ prolific writing has rarely produced a woman of such stern strength of character as “Antigone”. Inversely the comedy of Aristophanes “Lysistrat” was among the first to introduce a strong willed female protagonist, who is not a goddess. The treatment of both great writers differs in the fact that the backdrops and the moods are… View Article

Cognitive behavioral

Although panic disorder may occur without agoraphobia, the latter is generally linked to the former due to the extreme fear of the patients for embarrassment as he or she experiences panic attack in public places. In this case, panic disorder patients avoid populated social settings like grocery, church, and theaters. They prefer safe places like… View Article

Behavioral Influences

Expectancy theory is related to the motivation of the employees which is dependent upon the employees’ behavior and incentives given by the management. If the management is able to motivate its employees they will put in more effort while working, which means efficiency higher returns for the company. The three components of the expectancy theory… View Article