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Behavior: Sociology and Psychological Core

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (408 words)
Categories: Behavior, Psychology, Social science, Society, Sociology
Downloads: 63
Views: 1132

1. How is Unilever applying its understanding of internal consumer processes in the psychological core to market its products?

One company that has maintained its dominance over time is Unilever. The company make used of their understanding of internal processes which are a series of changes that occur within the individual, which includes the psychological processes: motivation, perception, attitude and knowledge. They market their products to get more customers by explaining to them how and why they should use a product in order to make their lives better and also to make them feeling good about doing that action and this one, is a part of knowledge in the psychological core.

They also try to make the use of the product in easier way and to fit with the environmental issues which is a part of attitude in the psychological core.

2. Which of the four external processes in the consumer’s culture do you think have been the most important to the success of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty? Why?

The four external processes in the consumer’s culture are religion, ethnicity, reference groups, and social class.

For me, the most important external process in the consumer’s culture to the success of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is the ethnicity. It is the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition. Dove’s Campaign aims to touch customers by telling them that there is no norms for beauty, every women is beautiful with her own features. They set up this campaign without any categories of women in order to reach women of all ages, races, or sizes. The idea was to target all kinds of consumers as possible. The campaign worked out very well because consumers recognized themselves in the ads.

3. Do you agree with Unilever’s decision to link its brands with efforts to encourage healthy and environmentally sustainability behaviors? Explain your answer.

Definitely, yes I agree with Unilever’s decision to link its brands with efforts to encourage healthy and environmentally sustainability behavior because it is another way to catch more customers and spread a good image of the organization. It also shows that Unilever really care with the customer’s health. Unilever not just only sell products but they also assured that the consumers will fit and satisfied with their products. And it will be a best way for them to keep their customers, as well as to build loyalty.

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Behavior: Sociology and Psychological Core. (2016, Aug 30). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/behavior-sociology-and-psychological-core-essay

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