Before Anyone Is Admitted Into The Military Forces Essay

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Before Anyone Is Admitted Into The Military Forces

Before anyone is admitted into the military forces, or positions concerning keeping the lives of other safe, they must go through a series of physical tests and training to see if they can adequately perform their duties .Physical training is done before a trainee enters and continues periodically as long as the trainee remains throughout. Physical training includes running, push-ups, sit ups, pull ups and other strenuous calisthenics. Testing is more demanding for the younger and more potent bodies, and is harder to complete. For example, young men, ages 20-29, entering police departments in Illinois are expected to do 38 sit-ups in one minute, while the men, age 50-59, are expected to only complete 24. Younger men are expected to bench press nearly 100% of their own body weight. This factor comes into key for lifting bodies; say out of dangerous situations, while older men are expected to lift only 71%.

Not only does age contribute to the factor of how much training needs to be completed, but gender does as well. There are plenty of women present and working hard in military forces, and other jobs involving the safety of everyday citizens. Young women in Illinois, ages 20-29, are expected to do 32 sit-ups in one minute, women, and age 50-59, barely 14. One will notice that the requirements for the women are less demanding, to that of their male counterparts. So the argument now is: should women be expected to complete the same amount of physical training as men? To answer this question, people should consider that male and female bodies were originally evolved, or were designed to complete very different jobs, men being hunters, while women gathered small fruits and berries and tended to the home.

Of course, hunting is much of physical and demanded more than picking a few berries off a nearby bush, so it required a more able body for the job. Women were not even able to participate in army forces till 1775 and the first battle ever is dated back to nearly 1479BCE. Women still were not even completing the same jobs though as the men. In 1775 they simply tended to the wounded, cooked, and cleaned, nowhere near marching side by side in combat. The first women were not even admitted into military services academy’s until 1976 and not deployed into dangerous combat zones until 1991. Therefore women should not be expected to complete the same amount of training as men.

Ariel White
Mrs. LaToya Brown
English 102
March 8, 2015
Title: Military Fitness Testing: Should the Bar be Lowered on Women’s Standard’s? Topic: the federal government should lower physical requirement guidelines so that women may admitted into the military (or fire/police departments). Thesis: During physical testing for military positions, women should not be held to the same standards as to their male counterparts.

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