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Becoming A Woman And Accepting It Essay

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Becoming A Woman And Accepting It

Becoming A Woman 1 At first reading, Elizabeth Bishop’s “In The Waiting Room” is a world full of wonderful imagery. I did not care what it meant, I just enjoyed the way she described what she saw in the National Geographic while waiting in a dentist’s room. I can perfectly see in my mind when she wrote about “the inside of a volcano, black, and full of ashes; then it was spilling over in rivulets of fire … Babies with pointed heads wound round and round with string” (Bishop, 1977).

The second reading, I began to wonder what she meant with “But I felt: you are an I, you are an Elizabeth, you are one of them … Why should I be my aunt, or me, or anyone? ” I thought maybe she has an identity crisis or something like that so I reread it again. This time, the phrase “I said to myself: three days and you’ll be seven years old” stuck on my mind. And that’s when everything clicked. I felt that with her seventh birthday coming on (for me, this is an idiom for a woman’s rite of passage like her eighteenth birthday or another significant event), Elizabeth feels she’s finally becoming a woman.

When I say becoming a woman, it’s the transition from being a carefree girl to an adult female with responsibilities. She’s quite agitated by it, not quite sure if she could be like her aunt and the rest of the adults. Elizabeth is anxious and is not ready to become a woman, but whether she likes it or not, she’s a woman already. Thus, she said, “I knew that nothing stranger had ever happened, that nothing stranger could ever happen. ” After questioning how she became a woman, Elizabeth finally accepted that she is one.

In the end of the poem she said, “The War was on. ” If you were a kid, a teenager, or someone who doesn’t care for responsibilities, a war is not something you’d think about. But Elizabeth now does think about it. She has finally accepted she is a woman with responsibilities, still scared about it but willing to face whatever that might come her way. Well, at least, that’s how I see it ? Becoming A Woman 3 Reference Bishop, Elizabeth. (1977). Geography III. New York: Farrar Straus & Giroux.

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