Becoming A Teacher Essay

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Becoming A Teacher

Watching these videos, I learned that teachers don’t always have it easy and it’s not always what it looks like, I know that it take a long time for the students to get comfortable with a new teacher and the teacher has to adjust to the new setting of the classroom. It takes a great deal of time so teachers can get their classroom to the way they want it.

In the first video “classroom Management Strategy to Settle Noisy, Rowdy Students at the Door” I learned that the teacher should not yell or shout at the students to get their attention because the student will not respect the teacher or have respect for the class and the other teachers around will see that the teacher does not have control over the classroom and that would make the teacher look bad. But on the other hand when the students are outside of the classroom that’s where the teacher should start to take control or when the classroom management starts and show that they are the authoritive leader in charge.

Teacher has to settle the students down gradually, use non-confrontational statements, such as thanking students for doing the right thing, hoping that the others will follow along, use informal chit chat, or getting comfortable with talking to the students, getting down to the students level. In the second video “How to Get Students Sat Down and Ready to Work”, teachers need to give students a clear instruction on what needs to be done so there is no room for misunderstanding. Second, let the first group from, to the front of the line and reinforcing actions that needs to be taking.

Third, teachers need to repeat the clear instruction that was given. And the final step is to give attention and additional support to what direction was given. In the third video, “Take control of a noisy class”, teachers need skills to deal will students, making sure that the teachers has the students attention and keeping it. Establishing a calm atmosphere, and staying positive. In the final video which is “Five Classroom Management Strategies to Get Student Attention”, there was five ways of getting the students attention that was stated.

Those five strategies if attention getting included a noise maker, routine, visual reminder, the unexpected, and a countdown. Using a noise maker is loud and it gets their attention without having to shout. A routine is very affective and training the students to learn. A visual reminder is a rather simple attention getting, using traffic light colors (green, yellow, and red). The unexpected is a guaranteed attention getter such as using music or pictures and gives students the perfect way to get attention. The last one is countdown which is the most common attention getter.

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