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Beawolf Comparison Paper Essay

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From my perspective, Optimus Prime best resembles Beowulf’s character. Beowulf was a strong leader of all the Geats and strove to prevail against all evil. He sacrificed his life on several occasions to protect his people and prevail against any villainous creature. Like Beowulf, Optimus Prime is the leader of all Autobots. He has a strong leadership against his race for he has always shown strength even at his weakest points. To him, justice shall always triumph against evil. He strives to protect his and the human race from extinction against the Decepticons. He puts his life on the line to protect those important to him. Optimus Prime has similar traits to Beowulf therefore he is whose best to represent Beowulf’s character.

When I think of the Dragon I can only think of one person to perceive his chaotic actions and that person is Megatron. In Beowulf, the Dragon is a menacing creature on a rampage to destroy everyone and everything. He has no mercy. He will destroy anyone and anything unless stopped from doing so. Megatron is the destructive leader of the Decepticons. No kind of morality exists within him. He has no care for anything or anyone. His mentality is set on ultimate power. He is set on achieving this and will destroy anything and anyone whom prevents him from doing so. Both the Dragon and Megatron are chaotic, destructive creatures who will not stop at causing total destruction unless forcibly stopped. Thus, Megatron best resembles the Dragon.

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In the fight of Beowulf vs the Dragon, Beowulf is yet again put up against another immortal, menacing creature, the Dragon. A slave had intruded a tower filled with treasure and had stolen a challis not knowing that the tower has the home of the Dragon. Angered by the theft, the Dragon awoken and went through the village destroying anything and everything in sight. Beowulf heard of the destruction and readied himself for battle. Though Beowulf had vouched to defeat the Dragon on his own, Wiglaf insists that he and the Geats defend Beowulf if he is in need of help.

As Beowulf faces the Dragon, he comes to realize that this may be his first and last time being defeated for the Dragon had disarmed him of his weaponry and has pierced through his armor with his fangs injecting him with poison. Seeing that Beowulf is in need of assistance, Wiglaf is the only one of the Geats whom runs to Beowulf rescue. Wiglaf pierces his sword into the Dragon’s throat and Beowulf finds the strength to finish off the Dragon as he cuts through the creatures body ensuring his death.

In the battle between Optimus Prime vs Megatron, Megatron invades planet Earth in search on an essential hypercube that will achieve his goal of gaining ultimate power. Optimus Prime, an Autobot refugee residing on planet Earth, has put a human, Sam Wikwicky, in possession of the hypercube and seeks to protect Sam and the hypercube by all means necessary. While searching for the cube, Megatron destroys buildings, businesses, houses; all things that stand in his way. He will destroy the human race in search for the hypercube. Optimus, along with all the Autobots and Sam, encounters Megatron at the capital city.

Megatron sees that a human is in possession of the hypercube and fires all weaponry No mercy, no holding back. Optimus and the Autobots counter attack while protecting Sam and the hypercube by all means necessary. Optimus and Megatron battle to the ground firing all types of ammunition. It seems like Megatron is a strong opponent for Optimus as Optimus lay beneath Megatron before Megatron decides to make his final blow; ending Optimus forever. Sam sees an opening in which would pierce through the menace and he acts quickly. He slides aside Optimus and beneath Megatron as he forces the hypercube between Megatron’s chest causing his structure to completely combust and fall apart. Megatron was defeated and the human race is saved.

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