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Beauty’s Pain Essay

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Many women and girls apply makeup every morning. When putting on makeup or applying a little cologne or perfume, most people do not have to worry that it will harm them in any way. We all just expect our cosmetics to be safe, but how exactly are they tested to make sure they are safe? To make sure these products are safe we test them on animals. That leaves the testing to be done on animals. At first, it seems like a good idea to test on animals.

Testing on animals seems like a good way to make sure that cosmetics are safe for humans to use, until we realize that animals are in no way similar to humans. Animals have fur, their skin is different, their organ makeup is different, and they even feel pain differently than we do.

“The only universal model for a human-that is, one which would best predict what would happen at a given endpoint across the full range of chemical structures, concentration, etc.

– is other humans”(Ojeda 105). This proves that we cannot just test on animals, but that further testing still has to be done on humans to make sure that the product is safe for humans to use. Testing cosmetics on animals should be banned because there are better, more humane, ways of testing cosmetics to make sure that they are safe.

A way to make it so we will not have to worry about harmful chemicals in cosmetics harming humans would be to use all natural ingredients. Most natural ingredients are not as harmful to the human body. “Natural cosmetic products and make-up are safer, healthier alternatives especially when these products are composed of all natural ingredients”(Stryker). Some natural ingredients can even have positive effects. Some all natural foundations can help clear acne. When we stop and think about what is actually in our makeup, how much of it is really natural and how much is chemically make in a factory? Some cosmetics have hundreds of unidentifiable chemicals in them(Stryker). When we look at it that way, it seems like a much smarter idea to use natural substances in cosmetics.

Another way to test the safety of cosmetics would be to test on volunteers. Many college students and people with a low income are very desperate to earn money. If companies offered to pay people to test cosmetics, it would create more accurate results. People will still argue that this is inhumane, but if people volunteer to test the cosmetics, it is their own responsibility. Animals don’t have a choice if they are to be tested on or not, but yet that is not considered inhumane. A great way for companies to test cosmetics, and for people to make some extra money, would be to test on volunteers.

There are various other ways that a product could be tested for safety. One way products could be tested would be to test on criminals. Many people would argue that this is a very inhumane way of testing cosmetics. What about prisoners that are on death row or are serving life in prison? These prisoners are just sitting in prison doing nothing. They could be put to use by testing cosmetics for companies. Many people may argue that testing on criminals is cruel and unusual punishment. They deserve to be punished if they have committed such a large crime that they have to serve life in prison. Testing cosmetics on criminals would be a better way to make sure that they are safe for humans.

It would also be cheaper to test on humans rather then keep them in prisons. “Prisons cost taxpayers more than $32 billion a year. Every year that an inmate spends in prison costs $22,000”(Fortunato). Cosmetic companies could pay prisons money to test on the prisoners. This would take the cost of keeping people in prison away from tax payers. It would be cheaper in the long run to test on death row prisoners or people who are serving life in prison, than to keep them there. We should be testing products on prisoners because it would be cheaper, and the prisoners would get the punishment that they deserve.

Animal testing is a very unnecessary way of testing cosmetics. Many companies have already found ways of not testing on animals, so why is it so hard for large companies to follow along? There are many better ways of making sure that cosmetics are safe, rather then to test on some poor creature. Why even bother to test on an animal if it won’t even show similar results that a human would? Maybe if we stopped buying brands that test on animals, they would see that they are conduction their safety methods the wrong way. We need to get the message out to these companies that this needs to stop now, but they only way that will happen is by people taking a stand and offering better forms of cosmetic testing.

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