Beauty in todays world Essay

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Beauty in todays world

Tall, thin, attractive; these are jut a few of the many physical body shapes that nearly ever person in the world idolizes. Because people place so much emphasis on the way others look, many people will do whatever is necessary to have the perfect body. Each individual is expected to behave and dress a certain way because of their race, social class, and even sex. At one period of times, only females were known for caring excessively about how they looked. This disease has also started to affect many males around the world as well, which proves to us that the situation is worsening day by day. The reasons as to why people wish to have the perfect body are high in numbers. One reason for it can be blamed on the media and the impact it has on the youth of today.

The media is known for brain washing todays young into telling them what is right and what is wrong, or which way is the right way to present ourselves to others. Many programs on television, mainly those which focus on the lives of super models (Americas Next Top Model being one such show) trying to go professional, give kids the idea that they need to have a body similar to that which they see before them. They feel that they will be seen as repulsive and unwanted if they dont reshape themselves. As a result of this, they undergo costly surgeries to reform their bodies to fit one that they desire. Others, who cannot afford to pay for such surgical procedures, find different ways to alter their bodies, which can be a detriment to their health. In an essay written by Susen Bordo, titled Never Just Pictures, she describes how the youth of our day are not satisfied with their appearance, so they find ways to change themselves whether it be by surgery or eating disorders.

In one section, Bordo states some boys and girls suffer from body image disturbance syndrome. She says that they are unable to see themselves as anything but fat, no matter how thing they become. Due to this, these kids continue to harm their bodies even after it is in a fit shape because they cant see themselves as being thin. A second reason as to why many people care so much about their appearance is because they expect themselves to look a certain way because of their social class, ethnicity, or financial status.

Since some people are better off than others financially, they can easily pay for the perfect body, whereas others arent so well off. People also assume hat females are the only ones who care deeply about their looks, but an increasing number of males have also fallen victim. This situation has severely affected males the way it has females because they feel the need to get a well shaped body. If it doesnt change, these people will continue to harm themselves and fatal incidents may occur.

We, as concerned individuals, should try to put an end to how many people care about their appearance. The media must stop portraying people with twig like bodies as gods. Until the issue can be resolved, our society will continue to tremble.


“Never Just Pictures”- Susen Bordo

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