"Beautiful Mind" Directed by Ron Howard

Our Main character mathematician Dr. Nash was arrogant as well as brilliant in her graduate school at Princeton. Gradually he began to suffer delusions. He was hospitalized for paranoid schizophrenia, managed to have insulin shock therapy and released. Later, Nash became a mysterious, creepy man at University. But through the support of his beloved wife and his friends he experienced a dramatic recovery. In 1994, he won the Nobel Prize in economics.

As in the movie, Nash begins to hear voices and becomes unable to differentiate them from real voices.

The movie is somewhat overstated in the extent that these voices affect his life at the university. However, it is comparable enough to his real life as to illustrate the reality of the disease in its destruction of 30 years of his life.

Other than the main character Alicia is playing an important role as the woman most attached to Nash. When Nash begins to weaken due to mental illness and his delusions and weird behavior start to disturb her severely.

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It’s true that her patience and concern played a critical role in his recovery from mental illness. But there were some more personal issues with them in reality that didn’t discuss in the movie.

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"Beautiful Mind" Directed by Ron Howard

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