Beautiful Essay Topics

The Fast and the Furious

Paying particular reference to the genre and narrative, discuss how the audience attention is captivated in the opening sequence of ‘The Fast and the Furious’. The word genre means type, there are numerous amounts of genres, including western, romance, fairytale, horror and comedy. Typical convections and aspects of a romance film are; typical settings are… View Article

Is Small Beautiful?

Critically appraise management styles in small firms. The significance of small business in a country’s economy cannot be over emphasized. Small business is a good source of employment and also creates competition, which is good for a vibrant economy. The number of small businesses continues to increase in many countries due to the little resources… View Article

Crazy & Beautiful

Nicole, a self-destructive privileged white girl hailing from Pacific Palisades, and Carlos, a Latino from humble roots thirsty to make something out of himself, fall in love. Although the film fits all the characteristics of a conventional ‘teen flick,’ it goes about portraying the usual high-school romance by exposing the edgier underbelly of cultural differences…. View Article