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Be prepared to expect the unexpected Essay

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Be Prepared to Expect the Unexpected Out of all the teachers in this school it was just my luck that I had to get Mr Crook as my form teacher and my maths teacher. The evilest teacher that ever taught at this school, anyway that was what I had heard from the older boys. It was almost like you could sense his presence. As he walked passed the corridors all the conversations wood immediately stop, the air would fill with silence. If he heard a sound from any bodies mouth he would give a stare that was as dangerous as a snakes bite, it burned and stung and was sure to leave a scare for the rest of the day.

As he left the building the mass sound of whispers filled the room as the pupils were still afraid to talk encase he returned. As soon as the bell went we all ran to our class rooms to get the best seats at the back of the class room as that was were some of the boys thought they could talk or not listen through the whole lesson without being seen by the teacher but that was not the case with Mr Crook, he knew what every boy was doing and what they were saying. It sounded a little inhuman but it was true.

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Some were just scribbling away trying to finish the last couple of sums on yesterday’s homework and the others were learning what we had learned the day before encase he gave up a terribly hard test. James was like the lookout boy as he had the table nearest to the door and could see when Mr Crook was approaching. When James saw him coming he quickly notified the others by whispering it to his next door neighbour and after a few seconds there was a swam of whispers all saying he’s coming or he’s here but there was always one boy who did not take notice of the whispers and kept on taking.

As the clock hit nine the door smashed open startling everyone as it echoed through the quiet corridors. A tall, ridged and intimidating figure entered. He took one step into the class room and slammed the door shut; I could feel my table shack as he did so. His entrance was dramatic and some what frightening. He never even took his piercing little eyes of us and walked to his desk placed his books down on the table and looked around. A he stared at us one by one it was like the claws of an eagle in paling you and tearing you up to bits before it ripped you apart with its beak.

Mr Crook was not like other teachers, he commanded respect and quiet when he entered and at all times. All the other teachers would look on with eyes full of rage and envy as all he had to do to control the worst class in the school was to enter the room and the boys would not even try to move because they were so scared. He walked around the class room shouting out maths questions for our test one after the other, slapping the ruler against his hand as you would smack a nail with a hammer.

Each hit sent a shiver down my spine. He carried on walking around the class room calling out questions when suddenly smack! The ruler shattered in the piece like glass as the rule hit Oliver Radlys table. In a deep voice he shouted “What do you think you are doing Mr Radly? ” “Nothing sir,” said Radly, about to burst into tiers. “This is a test boy and you are cheating which is against school rules! You better watch your self because you are on the way to getting your self a free ticket to the headmasters office.

Have I made my self clear? ” “Yes sir” He then turned round and looked about. He deliberately told Radlys off out loud in class as he wanted the other boys to know what will happen if the decide to cheat. Then Radlys made a mistake as he began to make faces and mimicked Mr Crook behind his back. The class broke out in to some smirks and childish giggling. Some did not even know if they could laugh or not. He shouted, “Be quiet all of you! Radly stand up now. You just don’t seem to get it do you.

I was right you are just like your brother I taught last year thick, unintelligent and a lazy rude slob. You sort of pupils should not be a loud to enter this school; you’re just a no good, scruffy little slag. Get out of my sight immediately. ” “sir” He left the class with his head faced down in shame. Finally the sound I had wanted to hear for the last half an hour rang, the bell. As we exited we all wished luck to Radly and looked on from behind the wall anxious to see what would become of him.

Mr Crook called Radly and said, “I wanted to say sorry for the things I said in the class room. It was rude to insult your family like that, they are probably very nice people, I don’t know. ” Through out the whole talk olive just stared at his wondering feet and tried not to look at him. He could not believe what he was hearing. Mr Crook then said, “But in the future I don’t want you to copying work or mimicking teachers ever again ok, look at me when I take do you understand me.”

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