Be Able to Contribute to Planning Learning Activities Essay

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Be Able to Contribute to Planning Learning Activities

Hello Harry I met you at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham and I spoke to your assistant manager about my trip to Malawi. I Hope you are ok! Below is a picture of me and you at villa part in 2010! WOW! I had the most amazing opportunity to volunteer in Ghana for 6 weeks in July, its quiet unbelievable to be given another opportunity to help make people happy again!! BUT!! Every volunteer MUST raise £800. ALL Money raised goes to projects whilst we are out there etc. I shall be working with Orphans and also teaching mothers how to educate their child. I’m finding it extremely difficult to raise my fundraising target and I have £635 to go until lively minds (company im going with) are happy with my fundraising, Its totally stressing me out as I have to pay for my own flights too!! Which is an additional £700 and coming from a single parent family on a council estate is hard, I just want to make myself proud and have a good life This is the only thing that makes me happy, Lifes pretty dull to be honest . But when I’m making others happy and putting smiles on the faces of children who truly have nothing to live for, but keep going and keep fighting their everyday life makes me happy about myself. When I spoke to you before the game you said you woul help me reach my fundraising target. I truly hope that is still possible so i can then the company can lay off my back and I concentrate on raising my flight costs. It would mean the world if you could help me on this quest. To be able to relax and know i am going to Ghana and not telling people “Maybe depending on if i achieve my fundraising target” would be HARRYmazing! << Haha….. Bad joke i know!! Thankyou for your kindness and ill thoroughly appreciate anything you are able to do to help me reach my target goal! Thank you so much! All the best take care Jordan Goodridge

Please check my just giving page – Twitter [email protected]
These pictures were when i volunteered in Malawi in July – September 2012 working with orphans who had HIV/AIDS. I hope you are able to help me reach my target! Thankyou!

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