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BDO Cash Management Essay

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BDO Cash Management Solutions provide a diverse range of financial solutions that can be customized to meet even your most demanding and complex financial needs. With BDO, you have cash management solutions you never thought possible.

The BDO services at your disposal:

Payables Solutions

Integrated Disbursement Solutions – Provides greater efficiency by consolidating all payment transactions Payroll – Maximizes the convenience of paying employees’ salaries, benefits and incentives Check Disburse – Streamlines and customizes your check printing and preparation Government Payments – Gives you convenience in paying various government agencies using BDO’s Online Banking Service Receivables Solutions

Auto-Debit Arrangement – Simplifies and ensures on-time collection of receivables Bills Payment Facility – Efficiently facilitates collection and consolidation of payments from your clients through BDO’s various channels Cash & Check Deposit Pick Up – Provides peace of mind by securing your collection by utilizing armored cars or authorized couriers

Post Dated Checks Warehousing – Offers safe and automated management of future-dated check collections Point Of Sale Terminals – Cost effective and efficient alternative to cash-based collections At BDO, we know you have banking needs that can be vastly different from others’ and minutely specific to your operations.

This is the compelling reason why we have put together a diverse range of banking products and services to provide the best solution possible for your specific banking need.

Currently, BDO’s Cash Management Solutions offers 18 products to serve the cash management needs of over 7,000 clients.

The effectiveness of CMS can be seen in its average annual growth of 20% and P130 million average annual growth.

Our track record has also gained the recognition and respect of foreign banks as many have made BDO their preferred partner to service their clients in the Philippines.

Dedicated support groups, including the Operations team, the Implementation team and IT group work together to provide seamless service solutions you probably never thought were possible.

— Copyright @ https://www.bdo.com.ph/business/cash-management

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