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Basketball and football Essay

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Basketball and football

In countries throughout the United States, most people enjoy high scoring sports with a great deal of physical contact. In my opinion, both Basketball and American Football are the two most popular sports here that fall under that category. In which as fans we can all appreciate and participate with our own friends and family members. Furthermore, not only can we watch these games at home, but we can be play them back at as well as a healthy alternative.

There are a variety of differences and similarities between these two sports. Basketball and American Football can be broken down into three parts that will enable you to know visualize the major points: players, equipment and game style. First of all, there are noticeable differences between these two sports that hold different qualification for each player. In basketball it is necessary for players to use their lower body quickness in order to run down back and forth the basketball court as quickly as possible.

In contrast, football players are required to use their upper body strength so that there able to make and take some hard hits during the game as a method of defense against the other team. Also both of these sports hold different physical qualities that are required in order to play the game efficiently. For example, basketball players who play the center position on average weigh roughly around 265 pounds with the physical stature being strong and a bigger player who can clog up the basket area. While in football, the wide receiver position is held by a player averaging in at 200 pounds.

They too are built with a strong physique yet can run down the field rapidly as needed. Secondly, both of these sports have different equipment needs. As we know both basketball and football use different kind of balls. Basketball is played with orange shaped ball, as were in football they use a prolate spheroid shape ball. In addition, they both use completely different shoe gear. Seeing that basketball is played indoor on a wooden floor it requires players to use sneakers that come up a bit higher in order to protect the ankles.

The sneakers are also designed differently as they are meant to allow them to have a good bounce in them, since that too is an important factor in basketball. On the other hand, football players use cleats since they play outdoors in the grass. They need have a good and secure grip on the ground beneath them in order for effective and optimum playing. The safety gear that both sports’ wear differ as well, in order to better protect and suit their needs. In both sports, they wear mouth guards. But in American Football, they also use helmets and shoulder pads.

Finally, it comes down to the differing style of play. Basketball and football have decidedly different styles of play based on the rules. Basketball is viewed as a non-contact sport, in which by the rules that if any physical contact is made by a player it is a violation, resulting in a personal foul. Conversely, football is well known for its physical contact playing style. Knowingly that every play within the game will consist of some sort of tackling, aggressive play and head on collisions. Also basketball is more of a high scoring game than football.

Simply because in basketball teams are given 2 or 3 points (depending where you’re shooting from) each time they make the ball in the basket. In contrast, football teams are only granted 6 points for a touchdown and 3 points for a kicked field goal, much more difficult than basketball because of the physical playing style. In conclusion, although their game styles are completely different, both receive numerous amounts truly dedicated fans. Not only just for the love of the sport, but toward particular teams as well as players in the league and coaches.

In addition, their equipment provides protection that benefits each player. This protective gear prevents them from most devastating hits that may otherwise end their career with a nasty injury. Athletic players are seen in the eyes of each fan, whether in the stands or back at home, as role models and encouragement to engage in sports. Let face it, every fan wishes to live the life of an athletic player and be able to play its sport under the spotlight that is viewed by millions.

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