Basic Artificial Intelligence and Fundamentls of Artificial Intelligence


Machine intelligence is another name to it. Tesler’s idea about artificial intelligence is that it is a process or thing or whatever which wouldn’t done by anyone now times but possibly done in future. Artificial intelligence will allow the machines which is too useful to reduce human efforts and makes thousand complex jobs in simple and lucid manner to do so provides or feed capacity to machines for learning and solving problems. Benefit and penalty also mentioned here the key point of that research paper is its simplicity and well description with respect to demand and many more.

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Keyword: Sensors, Machine intelligence, Software, Human.


As about introduction of artificial intelligence, it should be capabilities given to machine for work like humans. Humans done there work with there capabilities which should be naturally given to all human beings. The scientific name for humans are homo sepians means living thing that will getting use memory as for long time.

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Because of these specialities human being is differ than other living things hence they will improve themself. As respect to artificial intelligence these capability of human being are trying to get install in machines for better performance. Human being have time limitations, require more energyand do quality work but as compare with machine intelligence it will do all these tasks more efficiently. Human being have senses which trying to install it on machines. This reaserch paper includes some of them.

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Sensors Used in Artificial Intelligence

Some biological sensors are mentioned here. Generally these sensors are used in robots. Picture shows the structure of sensors and there functionality also point out here.

Optoelectronic Torque Sensors

Optoelectronic torque sensors are generally used in robots for combined one or more applications. As we see the structure of this sensor here some holo pipe like structure with solid body.

Raindrops Sensors

As by it’s name anyone can detect that sensor is give the information about rain, wheather conditions. The structure shown in picture is as like electronic chips which are connected to each other by using wire.

Multi-axis force torque sensors

The functionality of that sensor is that force and torque applied on tool. In adovepicture FT sensor is shown which have disc like structure.

Electronic Noses

It is a type of biosensors which have functionality as human being. The structure of electronic noses is looking like handle which have integrated circuits and human nose like structure at starting.

Artificial Intelligence in Software Field

Software plays important role in artificial intelligence which uses non numerical algorithms. Artificial intelligence had wide apllications in areas like robotics, expert systems,business intelligence, artificial neural networks, image and voice recognitions etc. Even artificial intelligence is one of the type of software application domain.

Artificial Intelligence’s Applications, Advantages and Disadvantages

Artificial Intelligence have wide range of applications, Education is one of them it will getting in use for give quality education. Heavy Industries is another application of artificial intelligence which will do repetitive tasks done by labours. Health care section is also getting in development with artificial intelligence. As it had wide range of applications it had brilliant advantages like quality work, accuracy and take less time to complete tasks. Artificial intelligence also have disadvantages like high cost which mean it is too expensive not affordable to common peoples, it will decrease platforms for labours, so these are the applicatons, advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence.


Basic and fundamental information of artificial intelligence is carried out. In which all basic concepts are getting to covered in this research paper.Hope it will be useful for someone.


Basic functionalities of artificial intelligence was studied out. By this reaserch paper gave information about its functionalities, senors and advantages, disadvantages, applications and many more.



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