Based on case study about Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Based on case study about Ya Kun Kaya Toast, we can see that they using recruitment and selection process through advertisement in English and Chinese newspaper and through recruitment notice at all of their outlet. There are several level for the candidates should pass before they been selected to work in Ya Kun Kaya Toast which is begin with attending interview session that will conducted two rounds that is conducted by two manager. Then it will be screened primarily for their performance level of commitment and their willingness to work shifts, screened for desirable qualities as a worker, and when they success in interview and been accepted to work in that position they will go through two weeks of training and remain of probation for three months.

Suggestion for Ya Kun Kaya cafe to improve their recruiting processes to find the workers who have good attitudes and commitment is through by add detailing to job advertisement. Job advertisement is the very beginning process in recruitment process which means that if in the early of the process in order to attract the best candidates, they need to explain briefly about the open position.

Employer cannot only listing the needed of education, work experience and training, but also they need to include in job advertisement about day-to-day duty in that position when the candidates been accepted to work in Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Not only that they also can insert expected requirement for new hired when they performing the task for early 90 days.

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Moreover, don’t forget to add the required for “work shifts interested only”. When the advertisement been made that way, it’s will not wastes their time to recruit the applicants.

Other than that, recruitment materials need to have more information needed from th applicants. So, because of that the manager need to add specific information that need to be fill by applicants that from manager perspectives it is importance for the one who will fill the job. The information include salary, diversity and location that need to be fill by applicants. From that, manager can know what actually applicants want and what they need to do to ensure the applicants will accept to do shift work. From the case we can conclude that the candidates does not want to work shifts because they not satisfied with the salary for both shift and it kind not fair to they who work in second shift. It is because in second shift there are many customer who came to the Ya Kun Kaya Toast at period between 3.00 P.M to 11.00 P.M that the time is pass working hours so, it high possibility that the number of the customer increase at that time due to after working hours and want to hang up with friend, family, either co-worker.

Moreover, the manager should review work samples and assignments. Review candidates work samples through their portfolios and ask them to complete the assignment as part of recruiting process. For the position in Ya Kun Kaya, the manager can gave the case study about the cafe situation to evaluate their attitude, action and commitment when doing their task or when curtent problem occur in workplaces. It’s not only to see their attitude, commitment and other positive side of the employees but also can generates them to see or think about the real situations of doing shift works.

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