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Baseball vs. Football

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Essay, Pages 2 (277 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (277 words)

Baseball and football have to be two of the most famous sports. For millions of people, these two-sports supply entertainments and give us something to root for each season. Whether you’re a fan of baseball or a fan of football, you don’t need to know the ends and outs to see that they have a lot of differences, but also a lot of similarities. Looking at a baseball player and football player, you can quickly tell who is doing more physical training and conditioning football.

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All sports require some kind of physical conditioning, but it’s all about agility and speed in baseball, where as in football, it’s about how much strength and explosiveness you have. Which takes me to my next point. The hours of running you put in are a significant difference between the two sports. It’s the running type where the legs always feel like they’re going at the end of the day.

Not to mention the exhaustion with the repetitive drills.

The big difference between baseball players running is that they don’t have to run on pounds of pads and equipment on. The different is how they coach. You don’t even have to be a player to know that a football coach will be loud and, in your face, where you will be calmer and explain things to you as a baseball coach. All this stirs up a football or baseball player’s attitude. You can’t have a loud baseball coach in your ear simply because the players are stiff and tense because they so focus on the ball.

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While in football they need every man do his job on field in order be successful.

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