Base De Madeira Essay

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Base De Madeira

The advent of internet and ecommerce revolutionized many a things, one of which was the way traditional trade was done. Ecommerce reshaped trade for every player in the supply chain. Businesses need to have an established online presence in order to maintain a competitive edge in terms of innovation and keeping up with evolving customer demands. Lifestyles of customers have evolved quite rapidly because of which businesses have to adapt to these changes and learn new ways to reach their customers.

Customers have realized that they can work, study, play, and even shop online. Ecommerce is what helps businesses to effectively sell their products online. Purpose The objective of this project stems from the above premise. We are proposing an online shopping store for furniture, which will help customers to shop for furniture online, just like they would be able to, in a physical, furniture store. The whole purpose of “Base De Madeira” is that people can buy unique, exclusive and one of its kind furniture items and accessories online in a safe environment.

To facilitate this online purchase, a whole computerized setup must be established. This proposal aims to define the scope of the problem at hand (establishment of the furniture shop online), and the solution in terms of technical, functional and non-functional requirements. We shall also provide various business and activity diagrams for the project, to define the scope of the online furniture shop. Scope and specification The whole idea of “Base De Madeira” as stated above is facilitating customers’ buying.

In accordance with this idea, the main software to be produced for establishing this computerized setup is the customer database, stored on the web-server, which is to be automatically updated at the back-end, through the website at the front-end. There will be a membership module where people can login and do their shopping online, through browsing, searching, and putting products and accessories in the shopping cart. Moreover, admin can login as well where they can manage the database for inventory, orders and payments.

We shall have a product display module where customers can search products and browse through a catalogue that can be updated by the data entry clerks for additional stock available and new products and features added. This database is tied in with the inventory management database. Another main aspect of the software will include the inventory database stored on the web-server which is again automatically updated when a purchase takes place, although all new inventory items and some old ones will be updated by the data entry clerks, through the management side’s front-end interface, on the server side of the whole application.

Additionally, order management will take place through this inventory database, and it will include ensuring items are adequately stocked and available to the customers. Therefore, to manage orders and inventory, the database will have to be one that incorporates both sides of the business. Other than that, we shall have a payments module that keeps track of invoices, generating them, along with management of a shopping cart that incorporates discounts and special offers.

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