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Base Camp Essay

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Base Camp

Expeditions to Mount Everest will totally be exhilarating beyond description, in a sense. Every climber, Sir Edmund Hillary to Jon Krakauer to all the climbers he met during his expedition, to anyone else who have climbed, are climbing and will climb – will be outstanding characters of that adventure into thin air – thus, moving from a life altering Everest experience to awesome awakenings and revelations about themselves and their life thereafter. It is Dr. Seaborn Beck Weathers that the story told in “Into Thin Air” that will be most notable.

He is a wealthy doctor from Texas and has been committed and determined to climb Mt. Everest. Dr. Weathers and Jon Krakauer were teammates with the team of Rob Hall. During the initial days of the expedition, Jon does not know Dr. Weathers much. It was only the most unexpected and miraculous turn of events that Jon about Dr. Weathers. A one dramatic turn of the story of “Into Thin Air” was when Jon, upon their descending the summit after their successful conquering of its 29,028 ft on May 10, 1996. One of Rob Hall’s rule is that their turnaround time was 2 p.

m. Whoever has not reached the peak must just give it up at exactly 2 p. m. no matter how close anyone else is. Dr. Weathers did not make it. And when Jon reached the Balcony, a part of the route, he saw Dr. Weathers alone. Dr. Weathers was terribly cold and shaking and shivering. Dr. Weathers developed a bad eyesight during the Mr. Everest Climb. Apparently, he had radial keratotomy to correct his vision years before the expedition. Due to the low barometric pressure of the heights of the mountains, his vision became blurred.

Dr.Weathers kept the information and what he is undergoing at that time from Rob Hall and the rest of the team. He was already nearly blind when they initially left their Base Camp. It is because of his deep determination and profound passion for climbing and his intention to work well in a team – that he forced his way through the expedition. Dr. Weathers hoped that when daylight comes, his eyesight will be a little bit better. During the ascent of the team of Rob Hall, Dr. Weathers really walked very close to the next person in front of him – without any complaints.

When he could no longer bear the discomfort and knowing that he would pose more of a danger than good to his team, he admitted to Rob Hall about his condition. Then and there, Rob Hall decided that Dr. Weathers will not continue and he will be accompanied by a Sherpas to return to Base Camp. Inspite of the confidence of Dr. Weathers, Hall insisted Dr. Weathers stay put and to wait for the team Thus Dr. Weathers waited until Jon saw him and after a long wait, a guide gets Dr. Weathers to descend. But the weather became terribly bad. Blizzard and snow pellets abound.

As it turned out, the more the vision of Dr. Weather’s gone to worse. He was practically stepping into thin air as they walked down Mr. Everest. And it was at the South Col part of the mountain that a hurricane fully developed totally devastated the team ascending – Dr. Weathers included. There were teams that were sent to rescue. But no effort was made to rescue Dr. Weathers as they considered him dead. The night passed and surely Dr. Weathers was without any oxygen and unconscious. He was comatose for 12 hours. But lo and behold, Dr.

Weathers regained consciousness and made his way to Base Camp – all with the worst frost bites ever treated by doctors in the camp. Jon’s encounter and narration of the incident on Dr. Weathers left very indelible meaning for him. Jon says in “Into Thin Air”: “It’s an incredible tale, and Beck’s an incredible guy,” Krakauer says. “He lost a hand and all his fingers, and he just tells it like it is. He doesn’t try to embellish his story or put a spin on anything. His story is horrible but it is also uplifting. It may be the one uplifting part of this whole sordid mess. “

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