Barriers to learning Essay

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Barriers to learning

As part of the president’s initiative to remove “barriers to learning” at a regional midwestern university, an analysis of student services operations was conducted. The analysis revealed that the barriers deemed most important by students were those that would delay or prevent them from registering for classes. These barriers fell into three areas (Blanchard, 2010): 1) Resolving issues relating to fines accrued over the previous terms (e.g., library, parking, late fees) 2) Completing forms accurately and meeting processing deadlines for financial aid in time to enroll in classes. 3) Acquiring appropriate advice so that they enrolled in the right classes (avoiding the problems associated with drops and adds)

Questions and Answers

1) What are the training objectives for the CSS training program? Indicate how these objectives are tied to the KSA requirements. Assume that all trainees have college degrees but need KSAs in all other areas listed in the Qualifications section. The training objectives should be as follows: Should be able to establish supervisory skills, the computer skills required are spreadsheet applications and word processing. Should be able to correspond completely with others, conflict management, and solving problems. These objectives would be bound together due to trainees needing all these requirements to receive supervision, as well as the skill to supervise. The training would be to establish all of these skills.

2) On the basis of the training objectives, provide a training agenda and indicate the time allocated and order of modules in your program. Writing, reading, and interpretation skills should be 3 weeks, computer skills should be 4 weeks, communication skills should be 2 weeks, having knowledge of the university should be 3 weeks, and supervisory skills should be 4 weeks.

3) For each module, describe the goals of the module and the training methods you will use to accomplish it. Provide your rationale. The goal for writing, reading, and interpretation skills would be to help trainees understand how to write memos, notices, and letters, read to clarify instructions, manuals, and policies. The computing skills goal would be to help trainees learn what the university is using and how to use them. Trainees need to be able to use the file management system that the school has to offer. Having this system for computer demonstration, for practice sessions and in the classrooms. The communication skills will help to enable the trainees to be able to communicate complicated policies. Training methods would be laboratory and workshops. Knowledge of the university training session will help the trainees master the university policies, federal and state laws (having to do with the university). Supervisory skills will help trainees to accept supervision from the administrator of a department and supervise customer service representatives.

4) How will you evaluate whether each person in your training program has mastered the knowledge and skill levels needed to perform as a CSS? Describe the types of questions you would ask of those supervising the CSS employees graduating from your program. I would survey each person with exams, quizzes and interviews. The questions that I would the supervisors of who is supervising the CSS employees graduating from the program would have to go with the responsibilities along with the authority the employees will be given. If there happens to be a space in between their training and job responsibilities that has been displayed, then there can be disorganization.

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