Barriers to critical thinking Essay

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Barriers to critical thinking

The first barrier that influences my thinking would be, Credibility having to be raised with parents that underestimate the importance of honesty has actually affected and affect my critical of thinking. Growing up in this environment was hard for me because I learn to think like my parents. As a child, I used to think that everything other kids told me was not true and I couldn’t trust them. As I got older, it became an issue in my personal life, believing, and trusting adults took a total of me. When someone come to me and ask me to do something I would make sure that I went to the higher boss, to make sure what I was told to do was credible. I have learned to have some credibility with some close friends and family but always making sure that there is credibility to the story.

The second barrier that influences my thinking would be fear, Fear has been an influence in my thinking because fear has stopped me from doing thing that I know I have the capable of, I always think a lot when I come to a point in my life to do good or to move ahead in life, for example me going back to school after twenty-two years, people would think that I was just lazy, and I didn’t want to continue with my education for a better life, but that was that was my fear that that stop me from doing what I like or to improve my education, it was a fear of frailer in my life.

My third barrier would be laziness. Laziness has influence my thinking in a way of making me think that I don’t do things because I’m lazy, I have to learn to know the power in myself and overcome my laziness in my life, as a child I was always told that I was lazy from my teachers, my third grade teacher would always hit me in my head and tell me that I was lazy, so that stayed in my mind and made me think that I was lazy. But now as an adult I do my best to try not to think that I’m lazy.

Man is an emotional animal, occasionally rational; and through his feelings he can be deceived to his heart’s content.(W,Durant 2007)

Barriers to critical thinking
References Thinking, Fourth Edition, by Gary R. Kirby and Jeffrey R. Goodpaster. Published by Pearson Prentice Hall. Copyright © 2007

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