Barriers in the College Life

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When attending college withers a new student or old, there will be barriers in the way. These roadblocks can appear in various ways during a student’s career in college. The barriers can be anything from money, or attendance, and even time management. The key is to recognize the walls and overcome them to succeed. First, issue for many students is money. It’s not cheap to attend college, but colleges have many ways of helping out their students. One way, is students can obtain grants from various places.

Grants are checks that students can use and don’t have to pay back the money. On the other hand, there’re loans which is money a student can use, but has to pay it back. Another, important source of money is scholarships. Scholarships work like grants but students have to earn them and have to meet certain requirements to keep them. An alternative way from student aid is to pay out of pocket for school, so like work wages or maybe an allowance.

Just keep in mind there are a lot of options to help pay for college so don’t let finances be a oadblock.

Second, mountain in the road is attendance. Always show up for class and on time attendance is very important college as well as life. Students who attend class on regular bases have a better chance of passing the class than those who don’t. Also, colleges have stipulations when it comes to attendance too, if a student misses too many days of class than the college can kick the student out.

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This rule applies for tardiness as well show up to late too many times and the students gone.

Lastly, showing up to class helps getting good grades which can lead to getting scholarships. Finally, a big barrier in the way to success in college is time management. If students don’t learn how to balance a work load and a course load then college is going to a rough time. Second, a student must put some time back for studying without study time student won’t pass classes. Besides, work and class time there also transportation that can hinder time. It is always good to know when to get to ollege and how to get there; by bus, a car, and possibly a friend.

That ride it takes to get to school factors in as time management how long will take to arrive at school. Before a student attends college learn some time management skills and it will be a lot easier to balance a schedule. One can deduce that there are many different roadblocks in the way to success in college. Don’t let the barriers win Just recognize them and overcome the barriers. Stay focus on studies and earn the degree to become a proud college graduate.

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